E-Learning Examples

We explain that what are the examples of E Learning? The  e-learning  is a modern form of distance learning, that through the Internet facilitates access to countless online courses that provide rapid knowledge to a lot of people around the world, from different educational and social levels, and of different ages.

The  e-learning  allows people to have the facility to study remotely flexible hours that fit their personal activities and at a much lower cost than traditional education through the use of new technologies including e – mail, chat, web, intranet, documents and multimedia presentations, among many others.

For those people who work and who want to obtain new knowledge or reinforce what they already have,  e-learning  is an excellent option that makes it easier for them to study without having to go to a classroom for it.

There are many advantages to using  e-learning , including the following:

  • Eliminate the inconvenience of time and space.
  • Enter the web 2.0 environment
  • Access to virtual exercise.
  • The training and learning costs for  e-learning  are very low.
  • People who use this medium of study develop their sense of responsibility and acquire the habit of discipline.

Examples of e learning

  • The University of Talca, in Chile offers a Law degree by  e-learning .
  • The Fundación Fuego de España offers Firefighter training through its Virtual Classroom.
  • Banco Santander provides training worldwide on its policies and procedures to new employees through  e-learning .
  • The Asturias Security Studies Center provides training for specialized security guards through  e-learning .
  • The UNAM teaches the Bachelor of Art History through  e-learning .
  • The UNAM, through its e-learning site,   teaches math courses.
  • Another elementary physics and chemistry course taught by UNAM is Newton.
  • There are many universities that use  e-learning , among them are the Virtual University of Quilmes, in Argentina, the UNED in Spain, the UNAM and the Virtual University of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico.

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