Easy MAC Guide Tutorial Getting Started MAC OS Operating System

Thanks to this MAC OS Operating System Initiation Tutorial Guide, the change will be easier.

We are going to guide you so that you can easily find in Mac OS (Mac Operating System) the options that you are used to in Windows.

Most common key combinations on MAC

These are the most common key combinations on MAC (opposite, compared to their equivalent on Windows)

MAC Tutorial Guide: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have been able to see the most common MAC keys and their equivalent in Windows, I will show you answers to the 8 most frequent doubts that the students of the MAC Course have .

      1. How do I install an app? On Mac no applications are installed, programs appear as an icon. This icon is a folder used by Mac with execute permissions that contains what is necessary for the application to work. To install an application, you need to download the program, which has a .dmg extension specific to MAC. We double click on the file, and a folder will automatically appear on the desktop with the new program. To uninstall any application we just have to drag its icon to the trash can.
      2. How do I eject a drive? To eject an external drive or device (for example, a USB) you just need to drag its icon to the trash can. Do not be afraid, since none of its content will be deleted.
      3. Is there a control panel? The Mac control panel is called System Preferences . We can access it from the Apple icon that we find in the top bar of the desktop, or in the icon that we find in the Dock in the shape of a cogwheel.
      4. I can’t find the right button on Mac . Apple mice only have one button, but it is possible to configure it to continue to use both buttons, just as you would in Windows. We will do it through the mouse configuration option. For that we will go to System Preferences / keyboards and mouse and we will assign the function of the right button to the right mouse zone.
      5. Home button and its content . On Mac, the equivalent of Start is a bar of icons called the Dock. 
        The Dock can be configured from System Preferences.
      6. Does CTRL+ALT+DEL exist on MAC OS? On Mac Os another equivalent key combination is used. With ALT+CMD+ESC you can force the exit of the applications. 
      7. Send files to the recycle bin. If you need to send files to the recycle bin, on MAC you can do it in two ways. The first is through the mouse, dragging the icon to the trash can; The second is through the keyboard, pressing the CMD keys + delete key.
      8. Shortcuts. In Mac OS shortcuts are called Aliases. To create them you must press the right button on the icon of the application or program for which you want to create access. Select the Create Alias ​​option and drag it where you want.

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