What are emulators

Emulators are programs that simulate other operating systems or machines, that we can play or use software designed for other computers on our home PC.

Thus, as with emulators, we can play various console games, arcade machines and microcomputers on the PC. In addition, some emulators allow you to use MAC programs on PC and vice versa.

There are emulators that allow you to play the latest console games on your PC, although often with some limitations. In any case, it is a great advantage for those who do not want to make a greater investment in a new console.

The grace of emulators and for the same reason is that they are so widely used in personal PCs, is that through them, you can play a huge number of classic video games. Today it is possible to get ROMs for classic 80’s video games like Pacman, Elevator Action and others. In other words, the ROMs are binary copies of those games belonging to that time. The famous MAME emulator allows fans to relive that era with great accuracy.

Therefore, you end up playing video games on your PC, as if you really owned the emulated machine in question. In summary, two elements are required to use foreign software on our computer: the emulator as a base that imitates the equipment in question and the ROM or copy of the game or program that we want to play.

Through emulators we can keep alive the excitement of the entertainment halls with their games of yesteryear, and allow our computer to behave as if it were another, really another.

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