Examples from Natural Sciences

The natural sciences are those that focus on natural phenomena and any process that takes place in living beings, there must be no intervention by man for science to be considered within this group. This group of sciences also includes those laws that have been established and through which nature is governed.

It is responsible for investigating, analyzing and determining what are the conditions that must be met for a natural phenomenon to occur, but not only that, but it must also find an explanation and the consequences. This allows taking the necessary actions to provoke them in the case that they are for the benefit of human beings, animals and other living beings or on the contrary to avoid them in case of natural disasters, for example.

The best-known natural sciences are somehow related, there is always some point where there is communication between them and they may even need each other to exist, finally they are also known as “natural sciences” and “physical sciences. natural ”.

25 Examples from Natural Sciences

  1. Astronomy
  2. Physical
  3. Chemistry
  4. geology
  5. biology
  6. Entomology
  7. Thermodynamics
  8. Botany
  9. Zoology
  10. Medicine and health sciences
  11. Paleontology
  12. Anatomy
  13. Physiology
  14. Geophysics
  15. Taxonomy
  16. Meteorology
  17. Ethology
  18. Genetics
  19. Ecology
  20. Cosmology
  21. Mineralogy
  22. Astronautics
  23. Biochemistry
  24. Planetary astronomy
  25. Microbiology

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