Examples of Alloys

An alloy is defined as the mixture of two or more metallic materials to form a new material. In general, when combining the metallic elements, these do not usually alter their properties.

There can be light alloys and heavy alloys, everything depends on the type of properties that the base metal has , for this reason, if the base is aluminum metal, the alloy will be light, while if the base metal is iron it will be heavy.

10 Examples of Alloys

  1. Steel: this mixture is perfect for industries that are in charge of construction since it is this alloy that makes various materials that are used for construction.
  2. Brass: this material is perfect for the manufacture of pipes and fittings. The alloy is made with zinc and copper.
  3. Bronze: this metal is used to make medals, statues among other pieces. Its alloy is made from tin and copper.
  4. Stainless steel: this metal is perfect for making kitchen objects, the metals that are excellent for its alloy are nickel and chromium.
  5. White gold: a large number of garments are made with this metal and its alloy is obtained through gold, copper, nickel and zinc.
  6. Rose metal : this metal is widely used for soldering and its alloy is made through bismuth, lead and tin.
  7. Vitalium: it is perfect for manufacturing surgical supplies among others and its alloy is cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, iron and nickel.
  8. Nak: this element arises from the alloy of sodium and potassium.
  9. Pewter: it is formed by means of the alloy of zinc, lead, tin and antimony. It is ideal for making kitchen objects.
  10. Amalgam: this metal is perfect for the manufacture of dental sealant.

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