Examples of Amphibian Animals

We express that what are examples of amphibian animals? Currently, approximately 7,500 species of amphibian animals are known . These have their origin 360 million years ago and are characterized by the fact that they belong to both aquatic and terrestrial environments , being able to live in both at the same time. In that geological era, there were fish that needed to surface and thus began to undergo transformations that helped them adapt to that other environment as well. Product of them, the amphibians arose.

Their development process is also a constant adaptation by metamorphosis: at the moment of birth they live in water, breathe through gills and do not have legs, but a long tail that helps them to move around. As they grow, they develop their four limbs and lungs, although they are also able to breathe through the skin, a tissue without scales and that needs a lot of moisture. They have glands that secrete mucus to maintain moisture. examples of amphibian animals
Later, when their legs are formed and consolidated, they can move out of the body of water to join the habitat that surrounds them. This of course exposes them to large and aggressive ground predators. Therefore, they have a useful defense mechanism for these cases: their skin, although very soft, is capable of secreting toxic substances that allow them to attack them in case of threat. These poisons are very lethal to humanity.

Amphibians can be easily identified by limiting them to a few simple categories: examples of amphibian animals

  • Anurans (toads and frogs)
  • Caudates (salamanders and axolotls)
  • Gimnofiones (caecilians)

Amphibian animals are carnivores , that is, they feed on other animals such as mollusks and arthropods. To consume them, they have a large mouth that can count on teeth and a tongue to catch their prey, which they will generally swallow without chewing. examples of amphibian animals

Amphibians can be found in very humid ecosystems, where there are bodies of stagnant water or streams, in which the flow is slow and narrow. It can be rainforests, swamps, and some forests. There they abound and coexist with other species. examples of amphibian animals

20 examples of amphibian animals

  1. Axolotl
  2. Bufo Marinus
  3. River crab
  4. Chinhai Espinosa Newt
  5. Eungella Day Frog
  6. Harlequin frog
  7. Jalapa false newt
  8. Marbled newt
  9. Sagalla Caecilian
  10. Salamander
  11. Anderson salamander
  12. Common toad
  13. Suriname toad
  14. Mount Nimba Toad
  15. Mexican cecilia or tapalcua
  16. Cecilia from Koh Tao
  17. Amphibians
  18. Proteus
  19. Gallipato
  20. Hairy frog


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