Examples of Bioethics

The Bioethics is a branch of ethics that is responsible for studying, analyzing and promoting all the principles and values within the medical field. It fulfills the function of observing all the actions made by people in relation to science, prioritizing principles such as love, the right to life, respect , and responsibility.

It differs from ethics in medical terms by the fact that, in this case, it focuses on all people and not only on doctors , it can be extended to issues of daily life that involve human morality such as treatment towards the animals and their use as test subjects for products like cosmetics and medicines, can also be environmentally friendly.

The bioethics involves such issues as ensuring a dignified death for any human being and animals, this topic can generate much debate, although it is usually the patient or family members who decide. Another issue that has been quite controversial for decades is that of cloning, but what bioethics does is seek a balance as much as possible and always find the path that is considered the most ethical.

10 Examples of Bioethics

  1. The abortion
  2. Organ donation
  3. Euthanasia
  4. The eradication of any animal experiments to test new drugs and other products.
  5. The elimination of chemical weapons in armed conflicts.
  6. Blood transfusions.
  7. Use of chemical or nuclear weapons.
  8. The duration of life or quality of life.
  9. Overpopulation.
  10. Xenotransplants.

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