Examples Of Birds With Types, Behavior Of The Birds And Role Of Birds In Nature

We express that what are the examples of birds? The birds are vertebrates , whose main feature to have forelimbs modified as wings, which in most cases you can fly. In addition, they have hind limbs, which gives them the ability to walk, jump, and stand. They have a body that can vary completely in sizes, ranging from 6.5 centimeters to 2.74 meters. For example: toucan, canary, flamingo, ostrich. examples of birds

Some of the characteristics common to all birds are the streamlined body or the thin and powerful muscles. Also, in your heart, two atria and two ventricles can differentiate, and your skin lacks glands. Another common characteristic is regarding the glands, because at the base of the tail its only two uropygial glands are located, which secrete an odorous and greasy substance. examples of birds

birds - colors

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Types of birds (Classification)examples of birds

On the other hand, many of its characteristics are different depending on the type of bird. Based on this, groups are distinguished:examples of birds

  • Anseriformes . They are aquatic birds, with three fingers attached to a membrane that allows them to swim. Ducks stand out.
  • Passerines . Its limbs are usually small and singing, and they have three fingers back and one forward. Crows and rooks are the largest of this group.
  • Strigiformes . Usually nocturnal birds, which usually take refuge during the day.
  • Psittaciformes . It includes specimens with a curved beak, which have two fingers forward and the rest backward. The most frequent are parrots.
  • Columbiformes . They are good fliers and have a varied diet. Pigeons stand out.
  • Piciformes . Varied fed, some of which feed on insects . Toucans and woodpeckers are part of this group.
  • Falconiformes . They have powerful claws, they are highly valued in the sport of falconry.
  • Struthioniformes . Flightless animals, usually larger than all other groups. The ostrich stands out.
  • Galliformes . In some cases they cannot fly. Its legs have four toes, three forwards and one backwards.

Examples of birds examples of birds

ostrich - birds
The ostrich is a bird that does not have the ability to fly. 
Goose Magpie Condor
Owl Swallow Parrot
Koel Tile Secretary
Heron Canary Swan
Osprey Puffin Albatross
Tit Carpenter Peacock
Kingfisher Toucan Hawks
Finch Raven Swift
Flemish Nighthawk Owl
Macaw Goldfinch Penguin
Chicken Quetzal Owl
Ostrich Harrier Rhea
Parakeet Mosquito net dove
Seagull Eagles Vulture
Sparrow Pelican Spatula
Kestrel Cardinal Hummingbird
Cockatoo Duck

Role of birds in nature

birds - functions

Birds have a particular importance in the environment, because they are usually critical links within the great chains and networks of the ecosystem : this means that they have a very strong link with other nearby species , be they animals or even plants .

Birds are dispersal agents because they spread seeds of various plants, or even pollinate various producer plants. In addition, birds carry out biological controls, since they consume hundreds of insects, thus avoiding different pests. examples of birds

How is the behavior of the birds?

Different questions of birds interested man since their coexistence on planet earth. Their behavior includes the emission of some vocal sounds that have an appeal that has often been captured by men, who even perform singing competitions. examples of birds

Furthermore, although birds were often thought to be of the lowest intelligence mammals , the visual and auditory senses are very well developed in most of them. Finally, birds are used in the field of sport, particularly in falconry, which is the activity of hunting with birds of prey.

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