Examples of Blogs

We explain that what are the examples of blogs websites? A blog is a website where an author or several of them are given the task of writing and publishing articles, which are normally called entries or posts. The topics of the articles depend on the type of blog, since there are blogs with a wide variety of topics. A characteristic of blogs is that in them, the articles are arranged chronologically, the most current appearing first and then the oldest.

The Internet is the medium that allows these types of spaces to exist. Previously, people had to be only readers of articles, which were written by people who had jobs in traditional media, such as newspapers. Currently the editors of these entries can be ordinary people who do not necessarily have communication or journalism studies. Bloggers are commonly called bloggers .

These people who take the initiative to create content on the web, whether through blogs, social networks or other types of websites, are also known as prosumers . This is a compound word: pro (producers) and consumers (consumers), that is, a prosumer is one who consumes what he produces.

Types of blogs

According to the functions and types of topics covered, blogs can be divided into:

1. Personal blogs : This type of blog aims to relate events from the personal life of one or more people. Normally, these types of blogs do not pursue an economic purpose, but they do it only as a kind of diary, to share with the readers the facts that they live.

2. Professional blogs: This type of blog is used by people who sell a product or service, or by a small business. They use this medium to show the benefits of their products, that is, it works as a kind of advertising.

3. Corporate blogs: This type of blog is used by a large corporation, in order to better position some of its brands.

On the other hand, according to the tools and format they use , blogs can be classified into:

1. Fotolog: This type of blog uses photography as the main element in its publications, it is mandatory to place a photo in order to make a post. It is possible to place one or two photographs, which can be accompanied by comments from the author.

2. Videoblog: For its part, the videoblog is characterized because its entries are video clips. The videos are in MOV or FLV format and use the Adobe Flash viewer to view them.

3. Audioblog: In this type of blog, audio files are used, usually in MP3 or similar format.

4. Openblog: This type of blog does not have an administration interface, so all its visitors can make contributions freely.

5. Tumblerblog: This type of blog does not have a defined theme, in them, the author or authors can post interesting questions found on the net, or whatever else they want. Supports short comments, photos, and links.

6. Moblog: The main characteristic of this type of blog is that it allows the administration and visualization of its contents from a device, whether mobile or fixed, that is, a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, and so on.

7. Microblog:  The microblog allows the author or authors to publish short texts, which should not exceed 140 characters.

Examples of blog

Once the different types of blogs have been established, some examples will be presented below:

 WordPress Business and Enterprise Websites

WordPress has become a great tool for companies and offers many advantages such as:

  • Expandable, flexible and affordable
  • Supports Responsible Development
  • Scalable
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Frequent update of new features and security vulnerabilities
  • Supports Multi- Site and Multi-Language Functionality
  • REST API and  WP-CLI  make it ideal for Developers
  • Manageable for Users
  • Easy Roles for Granular Access

A number of factors are now contributing to the corporate realm being the next major element in the continuing extension of WordPress. The platform has a number of recent updates behind it and a growing number of satisfied business users on board using the commercial and community versions of the software. The  business hosting WordPress is also available now.

Below are a few larger businesses and companies that are powered by WordPress

The White House – whitehouse.gov

The website whitehouse.gov keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest news from the President of the United States, economy, national security, budget, immigration, and health care.

jQuery – jquery.com

jQuery is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries on the web today.

plesk – plesk.com

Plesk is a tool designed to build, protect and run websites and applications in the cloud.pastedGraphic.png

The National Archives –  nationalarchives.gov.uk

The National Archives is the official archive of the British government. Its main functions are to preserve government files and establish norms in the management and reuse of information.

Qualtrics – qualtrics.com

The Qualtrics Insight platform helps make sophisticated research easy and empowers users to understand the perception of users and employees of the market in the same place.

Dyn – dyn.com

Dyn is a cloud-based internet performance management company that helps businesses monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure using a top-notch anycast DNS network.pastedGraphic.png

quantcast – quantcast.com

Quantcast Corporation is a digital marketing company that offers free real-time audience and advertising demographic measurements.pastedGraphic.png

NGINX – nginx.com

NGINX is a free, open source, high performance, reverse proxy HTTP server. Accelerate content and application delivery, improve security, facilitate availability and scalability of the busiest sites on the web. We use NGINX for all customers here at Kinsta, so we are huge fans!

Tucows – tucows.com

Tucows offers Internet services to thousands of business partners and millions of end users around the world. Most people probably know about it through their domain registration partners.

Sony Music –  sonymusic.com

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a wide range of local artists and international superstars. The company has a huge catalog that encompasses some of the most important recordings in history.

The New York Times – nytco.com

The New York Times is a New York newspaper with global influence and leadership. They use WordPress to power their business site.

Group Renault – group.renault.com

Groupe Renault is a French multinational car manufacturer that currently produces a range of cars and vans.

MaxCDN – maxcdn.com

MaxCDN is a global content distribution network that focuses on making your websites and applications faster, purging and delivery of content is instantaneous, and with MaxCDN you get real-time analytics.

Tribune Media – tribunemedia.com

Tribune Media is home to a diversified portfolio of more than 42 television and digital properties powered by quality news, entertainment, and sports programming.pastedGraphic.png

The Walt Disney Company – thewaltdisneycompany.com

The Walt Disney Company’s mission is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.

MindTouch –  mindtouch.com

MindTouch turns user manuals into a digital experience. This is a new category of software that doubles web traffic and increases customer engagement.

Company.com – company.com

Company.com is a trusted provider of enterprise-grade operational resources to help start, run, and grow your business. They are ranked # 5 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 List as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc Magazine.

SiteMinder – siteminder.com

SiteMinder helps you increase hotel and reservation profitability. They help you attract, reach, and convert more customers, increasing your global reach, lowering cost of ownership, and increasing margins.

Marin Software – marinsoftware.com

Marin Software offers one of the leading paid search management platforms for advertisers and agencies worldwide.

Vivendi –  vivendi.com

Vivendi SA is a French media multinational based in Paris, France.

Boingo –  boingo.com

Boingo makes Wi-Fi access easy on any device in more than 1 million hotspots around the world, including airports, hotels, cafes, stadiums and more.

AdEspresso –  adespresso.com

AdEspresso is one of the easiest online tools to manage and optimize your Facebook advertising. Your goal is to decrease your spending while increasing conversions and engagement.

Toyota – toyota.com.br

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Its Brazilian division uses WordPress to power its website.

Loggly –  loggly.com

Loggly is a very popular cloud log management service that offers application intelligence.

Wolverine Worldwide – wolverineworldwide.com

Wolverine Worldwide was founded on the simple desire to create good products for good people, whose own footprint can be found in approximately 200 countries and territories around the world.

SparkPost –  sparkpost.com

SparkPost provides email delivery services to applications and websites. Plans range from free 100K / month emails to high volume business services.

Foliovision –  foliovision.com

Folivision provides email delivery services to applications and websites. Plans range from free 100K / month emails to high volume business services.

ExpressJet – expressjet.com

ExpressJet is a leading regional airline with more than 8,000 aviation professionals and more than 1,600 daily flights from American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express.

MOD Pizza –  modpizza.com

Serving artisan pizzas and individual salads super-fast since 2008. Any ingredient, the same price.

The Official Site of Sweden – sweden.se

An official source on Sweden. Publicly sponsored by 4 organizations behind it: the Swedish Institute (SI), Business Sweden, VisitSweden and the Swedish Government Offices including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Energy and Communications.

Open Source and Non-Profit WordPress Sites

Kinsta is a huge fan of non-profit, open source WordPress sites . In fact, Kinsta has a 15% recurring monthly discount on all WordPress web hosting plans for charity,  non-profit organizations, and  open source projects . Take a look at some of the best nonprofit and open source sites below that are powered by WordPress.

Creative Commons – creativecommons.org

Creative Commons helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more just, accessible and innovative world and unlock the full potential of the internet to usher in a new era of development, growth and productivity.

Blender –  blender.org

Blender is a free and open source 3D authoring cross-platform infrastructure.

Economic Policy Institute – epi.org

The Institute for Economic Policy is a non-profit American think tank based in Washington, DC. They analyze the economic impact of policies.

Kaiser Family Foundation – kff.org

The Kaiser Family Foundation provides in-depth information on key health policy topics including Medicaid, Medicare, health reform, global health, HIV / AIDS, health insurance, the uninsured, and much more.

Invisible Children –  invisiblechildren.com

The Lord’s Resistance Army is a brutal rebel group of kidnapped soldiers. Invisible Children exists to stop them, free the captives, and bring them home.

Cure – cure.org

CURE International brings healing to children with treatable conditions in under-served countries in the world through surgical care and the life-transforming message for the love of God.

National Archives Foundation  archivesfoundation.org

The National Archives Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that increases public awareness of the National Archives, inspires a deeper appreciation of America’s heritage, and encourages citizen engagement in democracy.

Platform – platformlondon.org

Platform combines arts, activism, education and research in projects that advance social and ecological justice, with a special emphasis on the oil and gas sector.

WordPress Blogs

Thousands of companies and major brands are also using WordPress for the blog portions of their websites; Along with thousands of full-time bloggers. Check out some of the top WordPress powered blogs below.

Slack Blog –  slackhq.com

Slack migrated its blog from Medium to WordPress in 2018. Read stories about collaboration, the future of work, and news from the Slack team.

Microsoft News – news.microsoft.com

Microsoft news and stories including new features, and community blogs and events.

The Mozilla Blog – blog.mozilla.org

News, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project, creators of the popular Firefox browser.

cPanel Blog –  blog.cpanel.com

cPanel is a Linux-based online web hosting control panel that provides a user interface and automated tools to simplify the process of hosting a website. Their blog shares tips, tutorials, and news about the software.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog –  blogs.wsj.com/law/

The legal section of the Wall Street Journal uses WordPress. WSJ tells about interesting topics, trends and personalities for the business community.

TripAdvisor Blog –  tripadvisor.com/blog/

TripAdvisor is a popular travel site known for comparing prices and hotels. On their blog they share travel guides, inspiration about visits and destinations, tips and more.

Target Pulse Blog –  pulse.target.com

The Pulse Blog was created to help Target candidates gain insight into what it’s like to work for Target. If you are interested in warehouses, distribution or headquarters they help you feel the culture and experience of Target.

Staples Blog – blog.staples.ca

The Canadian Stables Blog with news on new products, technology and SMEs and lifestyle.

Inside BlackBerry – blogs.blackberry.com

BlackBerry Software secures, manages, and connects the Enterprise of Things via BlackBerry Secure. His Inside BlackBerry blog runs on WordPress.

Rackspace Blog –  blog.rackspace.com

Product news including support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack; technology news, security and press releases.

Bloomberg Professional – bloomberg.com/professional/blog

Financial services professionals trust the best in data and analytics. Learn about product ideas and updates you can use to make informed decisions through the Bloomberg Professional blog.

Skype Blogs – blogs.skype.com

Product news, customer stories, and Skype updates can be found on the Skype blog; An application that provides video calls and voice call services.

Reuters – blogs.reuters.com

Reuters brings you news, photography and video from the global world.

Ted Blog – blog.ted.com

The TED Blog shares exciting news about TED, the video TED Talks, the TED Award and much more.

SAP News Center – news.sap.com

The official SAP site for news and information about SAP including press releases and in-depth feature articles on business and technology trends.

Facebook Newsroom – newsroom.fb.com

See the latest news, announcements, and media resources from Facebook; One of the largest social networks on the web.

UPS Blog –  longitudes.ups.com

A UPS blog that discusses the macro forces shaping the global economy today and on the horizon. Popular topics include globalization, trade, sustainability, innovation, technology, healthcare, and supply chain logistics.

Evernote Blog – blog.evernote.com

Evernote is a popular tool used to collect, nurture, and share ideas on desktop and mobile platforms. See the latest stories and news on his blog.

Playstation Blog – blog.us.playstation.com

Official PlayStation blog for news and video updates on PS4, PS3, PSN, PS Vita, PSP.

Intuit Turbotax Blog – blog.turbotax.intuit.com

TurboTax is part of Intuit Inc., a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses; Financial institutions, including banks and credit unions; Consumers and accounting professionals. See all kinds of tax tips and financial news on his blog

Star Wars News – starwars.com/news

The official Star Wars site, with the latest news on Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels, with daily news, games and videos.

Mint Blog –  blog.mint.com

Mint.com is a popular online financial planning and budget calculator tool. They use WordPress to feed their blog. From financial management basics to creative lean lifestyle choices, Mint experts explore how to live a sober life.

Alaska Airlines Blog –  blog.alaskaair.com/

The Alaska Airlines blog shares news, travel tips, and features about your company and your employees.

Flickr Blog – blog.flickr.net

This is the companion blog to Flickr, one of the best websites for organizing, sharing, and storing your photos.

ShoutMeLoud –  shoutmeloud.com

ShoutMeLoud is an award-winning blog that talks about living a boss-free life through blogging. It is a community with more than 800,000 bloggers from around the world.

Spotify News – news.spotify.com

Spotify is one of the largest digital music services in the world giving you access to millions of songs. They share news, events, content and interviews on their blog.

News & Magazine WordPress Sites

Where would we be without our daily news? Here are some examples of great news and magazine sites that use WordPress to access their millions of readers every day. For big sites like these, Kinsta’s Redis and ElasticSearch plugins come in handy.

Wired – wired.com

Wired.com provides in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology and how they are shaping business and entertainment, communications, science, politics, and culture.

TechCrunch – techcrunch.com

TechCrunch is a leading media technology property, dedicated to obsessively profiling, reviewing new Internet products, and the latest technology news.

Fortune – fortune.com

Fortune is a multinational business magazine published and owned by Time Inc. The website has a long history of providing critical news and analysis for business people.

The New Yorker – newyorker.com

The New York reports on daily news, cultural coverage, podcasts, videos, and cartoons.

Harvard Gaette –  news.harvard.edu/gazette/

Official Harvard University news covering innovation in teaching, studies and research.

Variety – variety.com

Variety Provides entertainment news, movie reviews, awards, film festivals, tickets, and information on entertainment industry conferences.

The Sun –  thesun.co.uk

Sun magazine is a very popular place for news, sports, showbiz, and information on what’s going on with celebrities.

Chicago Sun Times – suntimes.com

The Chicago Sun Times provides Chicago news, sports, politics and entertainment information.

The Next Web –  thenextweb.com

The Next Web is one of the world’s largest online publications offering an international perspective on the latest news in internet technology, business and culture.

Vogue – vogue.com

Vogue offers the latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, cultural reviews, and videos.

Quartz – qz.com

Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people in business who are excited about change. It covers a variety of topics, including business, economics, markets, finance, technology, science, design, and fashion.

Boing Boing –  boingboing.net

Boing Boing became a weblog early in 2000, and evolved into what it is today: an eclectic mix of linkblogging, original articles, podcasts, original videos, and articles curated from around the web, a place where they share and discover provocative findings with readers. like-minded.

Canada –  canada.com

Canada.com is all about sharing Canada’s great sharable stories.

9To5Mac –  9to5mac.com

9To5Mac offers news and reviews of Apple products, applications and rumors. They provide last minute coverage for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Time Inc. –  timeinc.com

Time Inc. is one of the largest branded media companies in the world, reaching more than 120 million people each month on multiple platforms.

ValueWalk –  valuewalk.com

The ValueWalk news site is responsible for bringing world news about business, value investing, politics, technology and science.

Crack Magazine – crackmagazine.net

Crack Magazine is an independent platform for contemporary culture.

Educational WordPress Sites

Education is one of the most important fundamental aspects of sustainable economic growth. It improves people’s productivity, their ability to listen and think more effectively, and to imagine things more creatively. Investment in human capital is essential for the development of the economic well-being of a country, so a quality education would have to be essential. All money spent on education will pay off many times over in the future. Be sure to read our in-depth post on WordPress in the education service .

Here are some examples of the top WordPress sites used for higher education and learning.

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art – africa.si.edu

The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art (NMAfA) began as a private educational institution in 1964 to promote cross-cultural understanding in the social sciences and the arts.

University of Washington – washington.edu

The University of Washington is a highly respected research university based in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Georgia State University – gsu.edu

Georgia State colleges and schools, their centers of creativity and discovery, have a great impact on Atlanta, the nation, and the world.

Sprott School of Business – sprott.carleton.ca

Sprott is a full service business school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – the nation’s capital.

Cooper Hewitt – cooperhewitt.org

The Smithsonian Museum of Design, Cooper Hewitt is a design museum located in Manhattan, New York City.

RenWeb – renweb.com

RenWeb has created an unrivaled school information management system where each integrated piece works together to create a seamless experience.

Lafayette College – lafayette.edu

Lafayette College is a private liberal arts college located in Easton, Pennsylvania, United States.

Wheaton College – wheatoncollege.edu

Wheaton College is a 1,600-student liberal arts college where world-changing ideas flourish. They are located in Norton, MA., Between Boston and Providence, RI.

Nicholls State University – nicholls.edu

Nicholls State University, located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, is a comprehensive regional university serving south central Louisiana and beyond.

Skillcrush –  skillcrush.com

Skillcrush offers online classes in web design, coding, and other super marketable digital skills. Learn the skills you’ll be recruited for, guaranteed.

Des Moines University – dmu.edu

Des Moines University offers nine undergraduate degrees including the second oldest osteopathic program in the country.

International Gem Society –  gemsociety.org

The International Gem Society provides information and educational services for those interested in gemstones. For gemologists, hobbyists, jewelers, lapidaries and everyone.

Polk State College –  polk.edu

Polk State College is a member of the University of Florida system, a public state university located in Winter Haven, Florida, USA.

College Choice –  collegechoice.net

Choosing a college is one of life’s monumental decisions that will determine your future in a variety of ways. College Choice offers several.

E-Commerce WordPress Sites

When it comes to WordPress sites, there are many different solutions for running an ecommerce store. Some of the most popular integrations are:  WooCommerce  and  Easy Digital Downloads . Below are a few examples of some of the top eCommerce WordPress sites that are powered by WordPress.

aThemes –  athemes.com

aThemes creates awesome WordPress themes, both free and premium. Its themes focus on simplicity (without being over the top!), Ease of use, and clean design. They are using Easy Digital Downloads.

GeneratePress – generatepress.com

GeneratePress is a responsive, easy-to-use WordPress theme available for free. It is one of the top rated themes available on WordPress.org. They use Easy Digital Downloads for their premium plugins.

WPExplorer –  wpexplorer.com

WPExplorer showcases some of the best WordPress themes and plugins available, and makes blogging free, high-quality, 100% GPL professional WP templates.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! – ripleys.com

Ripley’s Believe it or not! is an online hub for weird news, stories, videos, photos, exhibits, and much more. They use WordPress to feed their website and WooCommerce to feed the store section.

S’well – swellbottle.com

Beautifully crafted stainless steel water bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while helping those in need. They use WooCommerce.

Airstream – airstream.com

Airstream touring coach and travel trailers inspire adventure and help people live on the road wherever they go.

We grew our traffic by 1,187% with WordPress. We will show you how.

Bata is a well-known brand of quality, well-priced casual and dress shoes for men, women and children.

Protest –  protest.eu

Protest is a snow sports focused design company from the Netherlands founded in 1993. They are using WooCommerce.

ETQ Amsterdam – etq-amsterdam.com

ETQ Amsterdam is a high-end footwear brand based in Amsterdam. They are using WooCommerce.

IZOD – izod.com

IZOD offers modern sportswear, high-tech golf apparel, and performance apparel with a clean, youthful aesthetic.

Van Heusen –  vanheusen.com

Van Heusen is known as one of the best-selling shirt brands in the world.

FitBark –  fitbark.com

FitBark monitors your dog’s daily sleep and activity and converts it to behavioral and medical perception Cheers to both ends of the strap! They are using WooCommerce.

Tinkering Monkey –  tinkeringmonkey.com

Tinkering Monkey makes wooden crafts and metal signs that are built to last longer. From modern to rustic, they build a sign that your entire crew will love.

Entertainment WordPress Sites

From television, to video games and travel, WordPress is used to feed all kinds of different dynamic and exciting sites!

AMC – amc.com

AMC is an American television network owned by the AMC networks. He is well known for such shows as The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Fear the Walking Dead, Humans, and Halt and Catch Fire.

MP3.com –  mp3.com

MP3.com provides free mp3 downloads. Download songs and play radio; With lyrics, news, bios, photos, music videos and playlists.

this is Finland –  finland.fi

this is Finland offers shops of Finnish people – amazing nature, inspired arts and design, fashion shops, and strange customs.

BBC America – bbcamerica.com

BBC America is a digital cable network in the United States and is jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and AMC Networks. He is popular for shows like Top Gear, Doctor Who, Luther, The Last Kingdom, and Orphan Black.

Guild Wars 2 – guildwars2.com

Guild Wars 2 is a video game that defines the future of online role-playing games with action-oriented combat, personalized personal stories, epic dynamic events, world-class PvP, and no subscription fees.

Travel Portland –  travelportland.com

Travel Portland is your resource for planning vacations and meetings in Portland, Oregon. Discover Portland events, restaurants, hotel deals and more.

Dallas Mavericks Official Website – mavs.com

Mavs.com is the official site of the 2011 NBA Champion.

No Man’s Sky – no-mans-sky.com

Developed by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi game without limits. If you see a mountain, you can hike there. If you see a planet hanging on the horizon, it is a real place, with its own rich ecology.

The Penny Hoarder – thepennyhoarder.com

Millions of readers visit The Penny Hoarder each day to inspire money stories and practical tips on how to earn and save.

Pluto – pluto.tv

Pluto TV is a free online television service that streams more than 100 live channels full of TV shows, movies, and internet videos to your liking, all in one call.

Riverdance – riverdance.com

Riverdance is an international Irish dance phenomenon. Riverdance has been seen live by more than 25 million people with 11,000 performances in more than 367 venues around the world, in 47 countries on 6 continents.

Microsoft Studios – microsoftstudios.com

Microsoft Studios is the video game production department for Microsoft, responsible for developing and publishing games for the Xbox, Steam, Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms.

Agency WordPress Sites

These are examples of agencies using WordPress to feed their sites. Today there are even agencies that work exclusively with WordPress clients.

Portent – portent.com

Portent brings together digital disciplines, from SEO to PPC, to content strategy, and makes them work to build your brand, improve revenue, and achieve your goals.

Human Made –  hmn.md

Human Made develops and advises corporate WordPress for high profile clients around the world.

Modern Tribe –  tri.be

Modern Tribe pushes the limits of WordPress design and development with large-scale deployments (1 million + users), bespoke websites, and custom solutions.

10up – 10up.com

10up creates finely crafted websites and tools for content creators, helping clients like Microsoft, Time, ESPN, and Adobe build a better web.

Struggling with downtime and WordPress issues? Kinsta is the hosting solution designed to save you time! See our features

Design the Planet – designtheplanet.com

Design the Planet is a full service New Orleans web design and development, brand strategy and marketing company.

Born Group – borngroup.com

BORN It is a global digital agency that connects creativity, content and commerce.

wrk. – waaark.com

wrk is a French creative web studio that creates stylish and functional custom-designed websites.

Personal WordPress Sites

WordPress is also used by all types of individuals, from authors, to celebrities, musicians, Olympians, movie stars, and popular bloggers. Check out some of the best WordPress personal sites below.

The 4-Hour Workweek fourhourworkweek.com

Tim Ferriss is well known for his New York Times best-selling book, The 4-Hour Work Week; Teaching you how to escape the 9 to 5 life anywhere, and join the nouveau riche

Beyoncé – beyonce.com

Popular singer Beyoncé’s official website features a bio, hitlist, videos, photos, news, and events calendar.

The Rolling Stones – rollingstones.com

Official site of the Rolling Stones. Contains the latest news about the band, upcoming concerts, movies, and a merchandise sale web store.

Katy Perry – katyperry.com

Official site of the American singer-songwriter. Biography, news, videos, lyrics, tones, images and a schedule of shows.

Usain Bolt – usainbolt.com

The fastest man in the world holds the records for the 100m (9.58) and 200m (19.19).

Snoop Dogg – snoopdogg.com

The official website for Snoop Dogg. Includes a collection of Snoop Dogg audio and videos, and a forum.

Sylvester Stallone – sylvesterstallone.com

The official website of the actor, writer, director, Sylvester Stallone. Also known as “Rocky” or “Rambo.”

Matthew Barby –  matthewbarby.com

Matthew Barby is an award-winning digital marketing consultant who has worked with companies around the world to drive traffic to their websites and build online communities.

Wil Wheaton – wilwheaton.net

Wil Wheaton is an actor known for his roles on Star Trek and the popular soap opera The Big Bang Theory.

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