Examples of Bullying or Harassment

We explain the examples of bullying in school. The bullying or harassment school is defined as a form of violence among peers in which one or more annoy and harass students consistently and repeatedly to one or more companions, who can not defend themselves effectively and generally are at a disadvantage or inferiority.

Types of bullying

There are different ways that bullying can present itself both inside and outside the classroom. Thus, there is bullying in the form of:

  • Physical violence: Consists of physically damaging a person, it can occur through blows, shoves, etc.
  • Verbal violence: It is one that is presented as insults.
  • Non-verbal violence: This type of violence can occur through professed aggressions through gestures, errands, and so on.
  • Material damage: This type of harassment occurs when a student or group of students destroys or mistreats the belongings of a classmate or classmates.
  • Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying occurs over the Internet, whether through text messages, harassment on the phone, on web pages, email, chat sessions, or social media. In this case, the stalker annoys his victim at times without knowing her. This type of harassment occurs outside the classroom but can also be combined with assaults within it.
  • Sexual violence: This type of bullying can also happen. Sexual violence ranges from sexual comments or messages, touching or even the very act of submitting someone to force them to have sex.

Bullying is a serious social problem, since it causes in victims depression, low self-esteem, fear of going to school and isolation. In addition, this type of violence can impair learning capacities for both the affected party and the aggressor.

Below are some examples of bullying.

Examples of bullying or harassment at school:

1. Lucia attends high school, where her classmates make fun of her and give her nicknames for being overweight. She cannot defend herself as she is alone against a much larger group of people. In this case, it is bullying in the form of verbal violence.

2. Manuel is a shy boy who studies high school. On campus, three of his teammates usually hit him at least twice a week. In this case, physical violence can be clearly seen, since the aggression even goes to blows, and is presented repeatedly against a person who is in an inferior position.

3. Clara has begun to receive offensive messages through the inbox of her social network, these are anonymous but very continuous. This is a clear case of cyberbullying, since violence occurs through the Internet, particularly through social networks.

4. Daniela is a sophomore in high school. She is very serious, but there is a group of classmates who constantly make mocking gestures at her and point at her. Although in this case there is no direct aggression since there is no insult or physical aggression, this example can be classified within school bullying in its form of non-verbal violence.

5. Octavio and Javier constantly tease Ramiro. One day, amid laughter and insults, his cell phone is taken from him and thrown into the water, rendering it useless. This is a clear case of bullying in its form of material damage, as they took his partner’s belongings and destroyed them.

6. Martín and Ernesto constantly give him lewd looks and make comments with sexual innuendo to Karina, his classmate. In this case, you can clearly see bullying in its form of sexual violence, since the victim is being attacked with this type of comments and looks.

7. Luis and Pablo, decided to wait for their partner Guillermo to be distracted for a moment, to be able to steal his backpack with all his belongings inside. In this case, once again bullying is seen in the form of material damage . Unlike the previous example, in this case the victim’s belongings were not destroyed, but were deliberately stolen by her colleagues.

8. Laura is a high school student who is the victim of bullying from more than half of the members of her classroom. During the break, these people form a circle, place her in the middle, and begin to push her over and over again. This is another clear case of physical violence, where the victim is clearly in an inferior position, since it is a large number of people who attack her.

9. Daniel attends high school, where his classmates criticize his appearance through insults and nicknames, and even at times they even put his foot so that the floor falls. Once he’s there, they give him a few kicks. In this case, bullying occurs both in the form of verbal and physical violence, since both insults, nicknames and blows are presented.

10. Estefanía constantly receives emails from her classmates where they insult her, this not only happens through e-mails, but teasing, insults and nicknames continue within the school. The former is a case of cyberbullying where violence not only occurs outside the campus, but also within.

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