Examples of Carnivorous Animals

We express that what are examples of carnivorous animals? The carnivorous animals are those that feed on the flesh of other species, either smaller or herbivorous, so your instinct is stalk them and hunt them as prey. According to their way of feeding , animals are classified into: herbivores , carnivores and omnivores. The way in which they are fed will determine their position in the food chain. Carnivorous animals are considered secondary consumers . examples of carnivorous animals

They are located in the second link in the chain because in the first are herbivorous animals , which take their food directly from the herbs, plants and fruits of nature. Omnivores will be located in the third link, which are consumers of both plant and meat species. Now, among the carnivores themselves are two well-defined types: predators and scavengers. examples of carnivorous animals

  • Predators: they are animals that analyze the behavior of their prey, stalk it and when the right moment comes, they chase it until they attack it and start eating it. Among them are feline beasts such as lions, tigers, pumas, leopards.
  • Scavengers : they are animals that observe the work of predators from afar, and when they have already been satisfied and leave, leaving a prey with remains of meat, they approach to eat it. Here are hyenas and birds such as vultures. examples of carnivorous animals

Characteristics of carnivorous animals

Carnivorous animals, as well as herbivores and omnivores, are designed by nature to fulfill their task of feeding. Among the characteristics that define them are: examples of carnivorous animals

  • Agile body , to move as fast as possible and reach its prey to attack it; this in the case of predators. Despite his physical capabilities, there is also deliberation before approaching. The scavengers, having “the job done”, only come to eat.
  • Sharp and elongated fangs to tear the flesh of their prey. Predators like wolves and lions have them well pronounced to achieve their main objective, which is attack. When chasing prey, a true bite makes a difference in preventing it from escaping. In the case of scavengers there are also tusks, but they are not lethal; they would only be to bite and chew meat. examples of carnivorous animals
  • Digestive system dedicated to meat , capable of gradually degrading the tissues and proteins that make them up. Chewing still leaves large chunks of meat that go directly to the digestive tract of carnivores, so this is the right one.

20 examples of carnivorous animals

  1. Golden Eagle (bird)
  2. Falcon (bird)
  3. Pelican (bird)
  4. Penguin (bird)
  5. Vulture (bird)
  6. Hyena (canid)
  7. Lion (feline)
  8. Boa constrictor (reptile)
  9. Coyote (canid)
  10. Gray wolf (canid)
  11. Puma (feline)
  12. Wildcat (feline)
  13. Tiger (feline)
  14. Lion (feline)
  15. Leopard (feline)
  16. Panther (feline)
  17. Tarantula (insect)
  18. Toad (amphibian)
  19. Orca (cetacean)
  20. Dolphin (cetacean)

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