Examples Of Closed Questions

We will explain that what are the examples of closed questions?Closed questions are the type of question that has a configuration of two possible answers, one true and the other false, which are usually answered only by means of a yes or no. This type of question seeks to obtain a concise answer, avoiding factors (generally subjective) that determine a lack of clarity in the answer. Like in: examples of closed questions

  • Are you going in, yes or no?
  • Are you hungry, yes or no?

In closed questions the answer is simple and precise. It is a response unrelated to confusion, and can be easily answered with a yes or no.

Likewise, closed questions are also considered those in which a concise answer is expected from the question, which is not necessarily answered with a yes or no, as in:

  • What time is it?
  • What day is today?

Where, although the answer is not made by means of yes or no, it is clear, precise and brief. In this case mentioning the time or the day. examples of closed questions

These are common in school-type questionnaires, surveys and statistics, and in these cases they are usually written in predetermined questionnaires (such as an exam). Within this type of question, when used in exams and written surveys, the possible answers are usually pigeonholed into a “yes” or a “no”, although “false” and / or true “,” true “or” false ”, or if applicable, the possible answers are simply scored with a number 1 or 2.

We usually use them daily when questioning someone about something in particular, asking direct questions in which the answer is answered quickly and briefly. examples of closed questions

50 examples of closed questions:

  1. Did you just read the book?
  2. Did you collect your salary?
  3. Did you cook the meat your aunt brought you from her ranch?
  4. Do you know my family?
  5. Do you know my mom?
  6. Do you know my dad?
  7. Do you know my uncle?
  8. Did you meet my great grandfather?
  9. When is the vote? examples of closed questions
  10. When did your grandmother die?
  11. Did you have breakfast?
  12. Is the book on top?
  13. What day was your child born?
  14. Were you in the house at the time of the murder?
  15. Were you present, on the day of the murder, at the deceased’s house? examples of closed questions
  16. Did you hit your roommate?
  17. Have you climbed a mountain?
  18. Have you been to the sea?
  19. Have you traveled abroad?
  20. Have you flown an airplane?
  21. Did you do your homework?
  22. Did you do your homework?
  23. Play basketball? examples of closed questions
  24. Did you do your laundry this morning?
  25. Have you never gone on a trip?
  26. Did you walk the dog?
  27. Did you put the jug on the table?
  28. What day is today?
  29. What day is the election?
  30. What time is it?
  31. Do you want water?
  32. Do you want water?
  33. Can you count?
  34. You know how to swim?
  35. Was the power cut off?
  36. Do you like basketball?
  37. Do you like football? examples of closed questions
  38. Did you brush your teeth?
  39. Did you finish the report?
  40. Do you have a car?
  41. Do you have a computer?
  42. Do you have a computer?
  43. Are you cold?
  44. Did you use the red thread?
  45. Did you see the news?
  46. Have you delivered the papers yet?
  47. Already you arrived? examples of closed questions
  48. Did you already hear the news?
  49. Did you take a bath yet?
  50. Do you already have a car?

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