Examples of Colonialism

We explain the examples of colonialism. Colonialism is understood to be the dominance exercised by a powerful country (either directly or indirectly) over another that is in the process of development. This practice is carried out when the first country, which is a power with a huge economy and an important military power, sees in the other an opportunity to obtain raw materials, cheap labor and a strategic position in some other aspects, such as the commercial.

That said, colonizing is the act in which the powerful country imposes itself by force against the country that is inferior, and comes to dominate it to the point of converting it to its belief system, taking over its workforce and even establishing its own language as the main one in it. The final intention of the colonizing country is to expand its identity to other territories and have a growth in its economic power, which will be favored by creating new trade routes for its products.

With the colonization process, the dominated country is called a colony ; This will depend on the State or power that is in charge of it for its operation. However, after a while, the colony may have grown strong enough to declare its independence and begin to advance as a country. The decade between the 40s and the 50s, in which World War II came to an end, was a historic moment in which many colonies ceased to depend.

Despite this, there are seventeen colonies existing in the world today according to the United Nations (UN). This body calls non-autonomous territories those countries that continue to depend on their colonizer because they have not created their own and functional government, as it should be. These are some islands that are recognized, as is, as colonies of three countries, mainly: the United States, the United Kingdom, France and New Zealand.

Examples of colonialism

Here is a list of the seventeen colonies that exist today, with their respective colonizers written in parentheses to the right:

  1. Anguilla (UK)
  2. Bermuda (UK)
  3. Gibraltar (UK)
  4. Cayman Islands (UK)
  5. Falkland Islands (United Kingdom)
  6. Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)
  7. British Virgin Islands (UK)
  8. Montserrat (UK)
  9. Pitcairn (UK)
  10. Saint Helena (UK)
  11. Guam (United States)
  12. United States Virgin Islands (United States)
  13. American Samoa (United States)
  14. French Polynesia (France)
  15. New Caledonia (France)
  16. Tokelau (New Zealand)
  17. Western Sahara (Morocco and Mauritania)

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