Examples of Computer Systems

We explain that what are the examples of Computer Systems? A computer system is understood as   the set of elements that all work towards a common goal. These elements are the hardware or computers that are used in the process, the software that programs the computers to carry out certain tasks and the human employee, who is the one who manages and who through the management of the software makes the hardware perform the appropriate tasks .

They are part of the public and private information systems; Its purpose is that the information can be stored easily and that its classification and retrieval is agile. Currently, companies use large amounts of information to help them make decisions. Without a computer system, recovering, organizing and analyzing this information would be practically impossible.
The hardware consists of computers, main frames, disks, printers, modems, routers, hubs and in general all the elements that a computer requires to function.
The software consists of the operating system, compilers, application programs, database administrator systems, and office programs, among others.
The human element is made up of the operators and the maintenance team of  the computer system .

Examples of computer systems

  • A payroll system.
  • An accounting system.
  • A financial risk management system.
  • A financial management system.
  • A human administration system (p).
  • A credit application system.
  • A point of sale system.
  • A real estate management system.
  • A personnel recruitment system.
  • A control of banking services.

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