Examples of Data Warehouse

We explain that what are the examples of data warehouse? A Data Warehouse or data warehouse is a multidimensional database that stores information about a company that is useful for decision making.

This data warehouse is fed with information obtained from the operating databases of a company. The feature of being multidimensional allows you to perform queries in various ways to obtain a consolidated analysis of the data.

To obtain the information to be stored in a data warehouse , small programs called data miners are used, which go to the different sources of information and obtain that which is necessary to fill it.

By separating information from operational systems, analysis and consolidation processes, they do not affect the performance of the company’s systems.

The main characteristics of the data stored in a data warehouse is that they are integrated into a consistent structure and at different levels of detail, the data is thematic, that is, only those data are obtained that give value to the analysis that is being developed and is organized accordingly. such that its access and understanding is easy for end users.

The data is historical because the analyzes carried out on them require a comparison between the current situation of the company, compared with the past, the data is not volatile, that is, the information is kept for the time necessary to carry out analyzes and comparisons between them through time.

Data warehouse examples

MS SQL SERVER Business Intelligence is the solution to build data warehouse of the SQL SERVER database manager.

EXCEL Business Intelligence: Microsoft’s EXCEL spreadsheet allows the construction of cubes and data warehouses to perform information analysis through scenarios.

Oracle Data Warehousing: It is Oracle’s solution for the creation of data warehouse.

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