Descriptive Memory Examples

Descriptive memory is defined as the part of a project that contains the information on the solution that has been chosen and some ideas such as: the materials that were used, what the chosen solution may cost and the causes that have been taken into account for choose that solution.

Therefore, the descriptive memory is used to give the best possible information about the project that is being carried out and what may be the best way to solve it.

3 Examples of Descriptive Memory

  1. Generalities:
  • Land
  • One-story house.
  • Project justification.

This investigation is carried out by the type of terrain where the house is located, since it is a humid terrain.

  • Location.

Palm paradise sector.

  • Approach.

The present approach is based mainly on the humidity that the terrain presents.

  1. Descriptive memory structure.
  • General description

Los palmares village location.

  • Public healthcare use.
  • Ground floor levels.
  • Objective of the project.
  • Structure design.
  1. Design materials and specifications.

This work is an outpatient clinic for the public attention of the inhabitants of the area, which has measures of 70 meters with a single floor, a very practical and comfortable design. It has an excellent foundation the design is updated and with high quality materials.

  • Objective of the project.

The main objective of the project is to describe the facilities that were made in order to improve the lighting of said institution.

  • Description.

In the school must medina vivas the sports facilities are in poor condition. For this reason, a budget will be made for both material and labor to properly fix and operate said facilities.

  • Description.

In Mr. Miguel Molina’s carpentry, its infrastructure needs to be restored, including the back wall and half of the roof. For this, a thorough budget will be made of all the material that is spent in said restoration.

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