Examples of Dilation


Dilation is a process through which an object changes its size by expanding. In the field of physics this occurs due to changes in temperature in certain types of matter s. The increase in the volume of these objects occurs when the temperature rises, which causes the molecules to absorb energy and produce vibration and their intermolecular space is greater than usual.

The expansion may occur in objects in solid, liquid and gaseous state. When the expansion occurs in solids, the expansion occurs in the length and width of the surface; In the following two cases, what is increased is the volume because they do not have a specific shape.

Forms of dilation

When the expansion occurs due to the rise in temperature, then it is thermal expansion and it is the best known since it is basically the one we have discussed, it is seen in many daily situations although this process can affect differently since some Objects can have a response of less intensity and this occurs when matter restricts the passage of temperature , which is known as thermal contraction.

In biological and physiological terms , as in the case of the pupils of the eyes, those that contract and dilate depending on the intensity of the light they receive, another well-known example is that of women that is produced by contractions of the eye. uterus at the time of giving birth.

Examples of dilation

  1. The train tracks that during the day expand due to the heat of the sun and at night they contract due to the cold.
  2. The arteries which dilate when there is physical activity to give way to more blood.
  3. The mercury inside a thermometer that expands or contracts depending on the temperature.
  4. The delay in time, a person can take a long time to get to a meeting so it is said that he is delaying the time of the meeting.
  5. The delay in the departure of a flight, the departure of the flight has been delayed
  6. The asphalt of the tracks that due to the heat can break
  7. When the gas goes through the expansion process, its volume increases
  8. When sunlight hits a door directly, it can create complications by dilating it and preventing it from closing or opening.
  9.  The pupil is usually dilated according to the amount of light that passes through it
  10. When a baby is born by natural childbirth, the womb dilates to be able to deliver the baby

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