Examples of earthquakes

An earthquake is a phenomenon where the earth’s crust shakes, releasing accumulated energy within it and creating what is called seismic waves. Its main cause is ruptures in geological faults but they can also go through the friction of tectonic plates, an active volcano or by man himself exploding underground bombs. The origin of the earthquake is called the hypocenter, and the point on the surface just above it is called the epicenter. The latter is the site where the earthquake is most intense, so it will cause more damage such as landslides, tidal waves and can sometimes cause a volcano to erupt.

Examples of famous earthquakes

  • Earthquake in Valdivia, Chile in 1960 of 9.5 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia, in 2004 of 9.3 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Prince William Sound, Alaska, United States in 1964 of 92 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Kamchatka, Russia in 1952 of 9.0 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan in 2011, of 9.0 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia in 2012 of 8.9 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Cobquecura, Chile in 2010 with 8.8 intensity.
  • Earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal in 1755 of 9.0 intensity.

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