Examples of Elasticity

The Elasticity is simply a physical property of matter, wherein the material returns to its original shape or state after being stretched by a force. Substances with a high level of elasticity are known as “elastic”.

The main causes of elasticity vary according to the type of material. Polymers, such as rubber, can exhibit elasticity as the polymer bonds stretch, when the force is no longer exerted on it, they return to their original shape.

15 Examples of Elasticity

  1. Rubber bands and elastics.
  2. Base of a trampoline.
  3. Springs
  4. Bow of arrows.
  5. Fishing rods.
  6. Mattresses
  7. Rubber handles.
  8. Clothing.
  9. Rubber bracelets.
  10. Lycra
  11. Chewing gum.
  12. String of a mandolin, in a state of tension.
  13. Cables.
  14. Elasticity in the human body, involves the organs, muscles and tissues. All have the ability to stretch and return to their original shape. For example the female uterus during and after a pregnancy.
  15. Elasticity in Economics: There is a variety on the concept of elasticity. In economics, elasticity is the propensity to change from one variable to another. It is a main term for microeconomic treatises.

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