Examples of Energy Transformation

We explain that what are examples of energy transformation? The energy is the physical quantity that indicates how much there is to do work capacity . Every system has an amount of energy and this allows it to interact with its environment. Depending on the type of energy you have, it will be the type of work that you will be able to do. For example, if a system is made up of mechanical parts such as gears, the work that can be done will be mechanical.examples of energy transformation

When you have a type of energy other than that required, you resort to the Law of Conservation of Energy , which states: “Energy is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed.” Understanding this, it is recognized that it is possible to convert one type of energy into another. For example, a piece of wood that burns is capable of delivering the potential energy of its bonds in the form of heat energy and light energy.

The types of energy that coexist in the universe are:

  • Potential energy
  • Kinetic energy
  • Mechanical energy
  • Electric power
  • Solar energy
  • Light energy
  • Radiant energy
  • Chemical energy
  • Nuclear energy
  • Heat energy
  • Wind power

The energies that are most accessible to humanity are used to transform them into those that will perform the necessary work. Currently, one of the most used is electrical energy , followed by alternatives such as solar energy and wind energy. The way to transform energy is by chaining together a series of physical or chemical phenomena , until creating a supply of the desired energy.examples of energy transformation

Solar energy

20 explained examples of energy transformation

  1. The solar energy is captured in solar cells, panels are made of photosensitive materials, which receive radiation from the sun and produce electronic excitation, which in turn creates a transport of electric charges. Solar energy has been transformed into electrical energy and this can be used to supply homes.
  2. The wind energy contained in the wind moves the blades of wind turbines. This mechanical energy is communicated to a rotor, which transmits it to a winding and a constant electrical charge is generated. The wind energy is transformed into electrical energy , and this is brought to rural communities.examples of energy transformation
  3. During the Middle Ages, wind energy was used to move the blades of windmills, and thus the mechanical energy necessary for grinding grains was obtained. Wind energy has been transformed into mechanical energy.
  4. The electrical energy that enters the fluorescent lamps excites the electrons of the noble gas that is inside them, and light energy is obtained to illuminate a room. The electrical energy has been converted into light energy .
  5. In a candle, fuel permeates the wick. When burned, the combustion reaction releases chemical energy from the paraffin bonds, and the paraffin will give off both heat and light. The chemical energy is transformed into light energy and heat energy .
  6. On a railroad, coal is burned to heat the water in a boiler. The water turns into steam and the high pressure steam will move the mechanisms of the vehicle. The chemical energy from combustion is converted into heat energy to increase the kinetic energy of the water and thus the steam will produce mechanical energy to do the work of moving the train.
  7. A rock on the ground has a potential energy defined by its position. If thrown at him, he will receive kinetic energy . If you stop when you get to the top of a mountain, the kinetic energy will disappear, but you will have a higher potential energy because you are high up. The potential energy has been transformed into kinetic energy, and this in turn in the previous one.examples of energy transformation
  8. Suppose the rock in the previous example is dropped from the top of the mountain. By holding it in your hand, it will take on a height and therefore a potential energy. When released from there in a vertical distance, it will fall to a certain point located further down the mountain. During free fall, it will carry kinetic energy that will increase due to the action of gravity. The potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy .examples of energy transformation
  9. Tidal energy is used in hydroelectric plants to convert it into electrical energy by means of dynamos. This electrical energy is used to supply cities. The tidal energy is converted into electrical energy .
  10. When methane gas (CH 4 ) is burned, the chemical energy of its bonds is released to transform into heat energy and light energy
  11. When LP gas, made up of propane (C 3 H 8 ) and butane (C 4 H 10 ), burns, the chemical energy of its bonds is released to transform into heat energy and light energy
  12. Fuel oil is a derivative of oil that is burned in thermoelectric plants. The chemical energy of its bonds is converted into heat energy released, to be transmitted to the water in large boilers. Steam pressurized at high temperatures transmits its kinetic energy as mechanical energy to drive turbines. The latter with their movement will cause the generation of electrical energy. The chemical energy is transformed into heat energy ; this in turn in kinetic energy , and the latter in mechanical energy .
  13. The carbohydrates in fruits are assimilated by the cells of the body. It is in the mitochondria that the reaction mechanisms are carried out to convert them into ATP molecules, the fundamental particles of energy. It is chemical energy , which can be transformed into mechanical energy to move bones and muscles, or heat energy to maintain body temperature.
  14. The solar energy is captured in solar furnaces, consisting of metals that meet their heat energy to transmit radiation to food.
  15. In electric grills, electrical energy is circulated through resistors, so that they generate heat energy to heat the pans and cook food.
  16. During photosynthesis, plants convert solar energy into chemical energy to produce their food, which is glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ), and oxygen for the environment.
  17. Inside a carbonated drink, enclosed in a bottle at room temperature, there is potential energy. The gas is compressed while it is confined. When the bottle is opened, the gas will be at the mercy of a much lower pressure, thus releasing kinetic energy until it reaches a new equilibrium. The potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy .
  18. The water contained in a dam has potential energy as it is held there. When the dam opens, the water will escape with kinetic energy until it reaches a new state of equilibrium. The potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy .
  19. The gasoline that is burned releases its chemical energy so that it is transformed into heat energy and mechanical energy within an internal combustion engine. This will produce motion in a car. The chemical energy is converted into heat energy and mechanical energy .
  20. The chemical energy contained in calcium carbide CaC 2 is released when water is added. It releases acetylene gas C 2 H 2 and this in turn delivers heat energy and light energy. Carbide lamps have calcium carbide stones to, by adding water, take advantage of acetylene as fuel and generate a flame that helps illuminate the environment. Chemical energy is transformed into heat energy and light energy.

examples of energy transformation


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