Examples Of Equality

We explain that what are some examples of equality? The equality is defined by the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language as a “condition or circumstance of having the same nature, quantity, quality, value, or way to share some quality or characteristic.”

Thus, both the national laws of each country and the international ones recognize equality between people, this regardless of their gender, race, age, creed, etc. This implies that, before the law, all people have the same rights and obligations. Although the law stipulates it very clearly, on some occasions, within societies, this right to equality among all people is not fully respected.

Equality types

Although it is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “equality”, it does not only refer to legal or social issues. Equality can be:

  1. Mathematical equality : Mathematical equality occurs when two mathematical expressions denote the same result. In this way, the mathematical expression 2 + 2 is equal to the mathematical expression 2 × 2, and both are equal to 4.
  2. Racial equality: This refers to the fact that, regardless of cultural differences or skin color, all people should have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. Racial equality is a sensitive issue, since historically there has been discrimination on the basis of race, always considering white women superior to others. Currently, although this type of discrimination is much less strong and frequent, traits of racism still persist in some places such as the media, where the black person is frequently portrayed as the villain and the white as the hero.
  3. Social equality: This refers to the fact that, regardless of which socioeconomic stratum a person belongs to (high, medium or low), everyone has the same value as people and, at least they should have the same opportunities.
  4. Equality to public access: This type of equality refers to the fact that all people, regardless of their gender, age, socioeconomic status, gender, etc., have the right to basic public services, such as health, housing, education, basic services , etc).
  5. Equality of justice: As said before, all people are equal before the law, this is stipulated in article 1 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and in international laws such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  6. Gender equality: This type of equality has to do with the fact that men and women should have the same rights and obligations both at a legal and social level. This equality has also been elusive, and has involved many important social movements. Currently, although women and men theoretically have the same rights, there are still social differences where, for example, in some companies women receive less salary for doing the same work than men. The Political Constitution of the United Mexican States also speaks of equality between men and women, stipulating it in Article 4.

Examples of equality

Here are some examples of equality :

1. Juan and María studied the same university degree and have the same years of experience, Juan is 40 years old and María 32. Regardless of age or gender, both must have the same opportunity to be chosen for a job in a business. Also, if Maria is hired, she must receive exactly the same salary that Juan would receive. The latter refers to gender equality.

2. If Ana buys two apples and Pedro two oranges, they both have the same amount of fruit, that is, they are talking about a mathematical equality between the objects that they both bought.

3. Octavio belongs to a high socioeconomic stratum, while Luis to a low one, however, both have a great interest in biology and health in general, therefore, both have the same right to enter to study medicine as a university career . This refers to social equality .

4. Manuel belongs to the black race , while Humberto to the white race , however, both deserve to receive the same respect and trust from the people around them, in addition to the right to have a decent job and to be considered citizens of first class. This refers to racial equality , which in some moments, circumstances and places, is still difficult to find.

5. Anyone who lives in the same city and in the same country as another, must receive the basic services of drinking water, electricity, gas, and so on. Furthermore, they should have the right to education and leisure. This refers to equal public access .

6. A person dressed in a formal way, such as a suit, and a person dressed in rags should be worthy of the same treatment and respect from the people around them. This in many cases does not happen like that, since a better quality of treatment is usually given to those people who use formal clothes or expensive brands.

7. The number “6” as a mathematical expression, has an equal value to the expression “3 + 3”, “3 × 2” or “12/2”. This also refers to mathematical equality.

8. A person belonging to the Aryan race, that is, with white skin and blue eyes, should be considered as valuable as one who has dark skin , this is also known as racial equality. Although discrimination based on skin color and the preference of Aryan people over the rest is an issue that has gradually been eradicated, it is true that many media, both in television programs, advertising or movies, continue to perpetuate the idea that the Aryan race is considered the most beautiful.

9. If two children attend the same school, and both obtain the same grades due to their good performance in the subjects, then it is possible to speak of an equal intelligence level between them, for this reason, both must have the same possibilities of overcome and progress, even when one of them belongs to a high socioeconomic stratum and the other to a low one.

10. Mariana and Arturo work in the same company and belong to the same work team. When it comes to solving a situation, both the opinions of one and the other must be listened to, taken into account and analyzed, this regardless of whether it is the opinion of a man against that of a woman , the latter also refers to gender equality, since both men and women have the same intellectual capacities.

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