Examples of Experimental Research

Experimental research consists of using the scientific method in conjunction with a series of experiments both inside and outside of a laboratory. The latter is defined on the basis of the question to be answered , as well as the environment or level of investigation to be reached.

The experimental research is based on experiments repeated number of times identical, similar or different conditions for the same person or others to determine passing X preposition.

These are the sampling and control groups that allow for better results. You can also use mathematical methods, mainly calculation and statistics to process the data and determine, for example, the ranges of errors, this is by means of the so-called standard deviation.

The experimental research was the first way in which mankind developed the first watch yourself human and used the trial and error found that burying a seed germinates, which gave way to agriculture.

Examples of experimental research

  1. Throwing an object from the same height and position repeated times allowed to define the theory of chaos.
  2. Observing the flight of birds allowed to develop the principles of aeronautics .
  3. Experiments in rocket launch allowed man to reach space.
  4. Testing the contacts of a house to detect a problem in the electrical installation is a way of investigation to find the solution to a problem.
  5. Pressing all the buttons on a device to try to investigate its operation is a mode of empirical experimental research.

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