Examples of Fauna

 We express that what are examples of fauna ? with types. It can be mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, for example. All of them will live in the same geographical area and have interactions in which they will benefit each other. Fauna accompanies the plant (all plant species) and abiotic factors s that are the soil, rocks, climate and water bodies, completing the system known as ecosystem. examples of fauna 

Each ecosystem has its own characteristics that differentiate it from others. To better understand this, there is an example: the tropical forest and the desert are two very different ecosystems. The tropical forest has tall trees, a very humid climate that can vary from hot in the day to cool or mild at night; it may have rivers running through it. For this reason, in a tropical jungle the animals that abound are monkeys, birds and insects. Many of these are housed in tall tree branches.
The desert , for its part, has very little vegetation and is made up of large accumulations of sand. It has very little or no body of water. During the day its climate is extremely hot, and at night the temperature drops so much that it approaches 0 ° C. Due to these conditions, the animals that inhabit it are canids (foxes, coyotes) and rodents with large ears to dissipate heat, and some insects (scorpions, scorpions, tarantulas). examples of fauna 

As already seen in the comparison of both ecosystems, the fauna is specific for each one and can only develop and live right there. Therefore, the fauna of each ecosystem is very different. On the other hand, throughout history humanity has separated some animals from their natural habitat to make them facilitate their agricultural production activities, above all. Here the slope of the pack animals was created. examples of fauna 

In addition, now in order to receive their company, humanity has brought some animals into their homes and assigned them a place in their lives to feed them and take them to the veterinarian. This new category would be that of domestic animals, which sooner or later will forget their natures and their instinct for the habitat, and will end up assimilating the life of the home. This process has already produced changes in their bodies, at least in the last 80 years. examples of fauna 

Types of fauna

Fauna can be classified into three types according to their origin or the ecosystem to which they belong:

  • Wild fauna: It is the one that lives in freedom in the habitat where it was born, and there it spends its entire life without the intervention of humanity.
  • Domestic fauna: They are all the animals that people bring to their homes or to their farms to obtain benefit from them, such as company and support in production activities.
  • Endemic fauna: Animals are endemic when they are characteristic of only one geographical area or place . For example, the Axolotl is a species of amphibian that is found only in Lake Xochimilco, in Mexico. In no other lake is it found.

examples of fauna	30 examples of fauna

  1. Toucan (Rainforest)
  2. Mandrill (Rainforest)
  3. Frog (Rainforest)
  4. Coyote (Desert)
  5. Scorpion (Desert)
  6. Tarantula (Desert)
  7. Wildcat (Savanna)
  8. Leon (Savannah)
  9. Giraffe (Savanna)
  10. Rhinoceros (Savanna)
  11. Dolphin (Sea)
  12. Blue whale (Sea)
  13. Seal (Sea)
  14. Walrus (Sea)
  15. Dog (Domestic)
  16. Cat (Domestic)
  17. Goldfish (Domestic)
  18. Hen (Domestic)
  19. Cow (Domestic)
  20. Sheep (Domestic)
  21. Goat (Domestic)
  22. Squirrel (Forest)
  23. Bear (Forest)
  24. Eagle (Forest)
  25. Falcon (Forest)
  26. Vulture (Desert)
  27. Hyena (Savannah)
  28. Hippo (Savanna)
  29. Cayman (Lake)
  30. Crocodile (Lake) examples of fauna

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