Examples of forces at a distance

The forces distance are all those exerted without contact relative to the body and generating said force the recipient, a feature of such forces tend to create force fields. This concept is included within the field of physics, perhaps one of the most extreme examples of this type of force is that of nuclear forces and in this case the particles generate cohesion in the nucleus of the atom , on the other hand a more common example that can be seen in different moments and situations of daily life are magnets which are present in almost all electrical appliances and technological devices that we use.

Distance forces are the opposite of contact forces in which it is necessary for two or more objects to physically come into contact to generate a reaction, such as friction.. This type of force meets all the necessary requirements to be called as such, that is to say that by acting it can generate a change in the object it affects by altering its direction, shape or speed if we are talking about something that is in constant motion. In the same way, it is important to point out that the force at a distance as such can be considered as something that does not really exist and that instead the interactions that are generated have to do with curvatures existing within the geometry of the so-called “space-time”. Maybe this topic is to go much deeper but we leave you some examples so that you can better understand the idea of ​​how this type of force acts:

Examples of remote forces:

  1. The electrical force, which is generated due to the attraction and / or repulsion of bodies with electrical charges.
  2. The magnetic force is one that also generates force but in this case due to the interaction caused by objects with magnetic charges.
  3. The force of gravity , which is generated by every body based on its mass.
  4. The nuclear force is the one that is generated in the nucleus of the atom.
  5. Rubbing force, this occurs when two objects collide or come into contact.

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