Examples of Formal Emails

We explain that what are examples of Formal Emails? Formal emails are defined as the tool used to send any type of information through a message. It is important whenever you are going to send an email in a formal way to take the following precautions: the message must be direct and clear, you must use a good tone and format, the ideal is to check the email well before sending it.

10 Examples of Formal Emails

  1. For:

Dear Mrs. Luisa.

My name is Ana Chacón, I got her email and I am writing to clarify the citation of the lopna that I received on May 2, 2019.

  1. For:

Good afternoon Professor Juan.

My name is Julio Cesar Méndez, I am writing to you so that you can send me the points corresponding to the exam for the next class by email. Excuse me and thank you.

  1. For:

Hello Ana, how are you? I am going to send you some of the recipes that will be used for the event next Sunday. I hope they are to your liking.

  1. For:

Thank you for sending the merchandise to the store, I arrive on May 31, everything is in perfect condition. We will be in contact by this means or by telephone.

5. Good afternoon, my name is Pedro Márquez and I am currently working as a watchman in the Mallorca company, through this email I would like to apply for the position that it offers and the schedule is more feasible. Without further ado, I await your response by this means. Thanks.

6. Dear Luis Méndez.

My name is Marta Pérez and I am an administration graduate from the central university. I am writing you this email because I would like to apply for the job that your factory is offering. I have been practicing my profession for several years and I currently have time available.

Thanks. I am looking forward to your response.

  1. Good afternoon Dr. Serrano.

My name is Yolanda Díaz and I am writing you this email so that you can please change my treatment, since 15 days have passed with the previous one.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. Hi Diego.

I am Fernando López and I am interested in doing the work you offer, you can send any information by this means please.

  1. Good afternoon Maritza

I’m Glenda. I’m going to pass on to you the points of next week’s exhibition, you let me know by this means.

10.Good morning Miguel.

If you can find the settlement check for my house. Anything I am at your service in case you need a favor.

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