Examples of Igneous Rocks

We explain that what are examples of igneous rocks? The igneous rocks are those formed during a volcanic eruption and are due to the cooling of the magma is thrown during the eruption.

The types of igneous rocks depend on the way in which the cooling occurs, whether it is fast or slow; It is also due to the way the magma is pushed to the surface, if it spills out without an explosion, or if it is violently ejected.

The texture of igneous rocks depends on the type of cooling and expulsion to the surface of the magma and can be of glassy texture, fine or coarse grain, pyroclastic, porphyritic or pegmatic.

Igneous rocks are classified depending on whether they form inside the earth’s crust, or outside as intrusive and extrusive respectively.

10 examples of igneous rocks:

1. Plutonic rocks
2. Volcanic rocks
3. Basalt
4. Obsidian
5. Granite
6. Basalt
7. Diorite
8. Grabo
9. Breccia
10. Andesite

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