Examples of improper fractions

The improper fractions are those in which the numerator (ie the number going in the top) is equal to or greater than the denominator (the number is on the bottom). When this occurs, then it is considered as an improper fraction . In addition, this implies that when you proceed with the operation of dividing both numbers; the result obtained will always be equal to or greater than unity.

Remember that when talking about fractions we are dealing with the proportional relationship between two numbers and; In this type of fractions in particular, a characteristic can also be found which is that the numerator will always be greater than the denominator and this makes it possible to represent it by the “ union of an integer and; another fractional less than 1 ( proper fraction ) ”.

Let’s see an example:

It is necessary to bear in mind that when mentioning that it is a union or combination of numbers; It is because the representation of these fractions is done by placing the integer and; just in its right part the fractional number.

In strict form, the + sign should be placed between the two; but this is usually not true, it must also be considered that the numbers that are made up of a whole number and a fraction are called mixed numbers.

As can be seen, when an improper fraction is transformed into a mixed number, only the numerator must be decomposed; This makes it divisible by the denominator and the result of this operation will be a whole number.

There is another characteristic of this type of fractions and; is that when two or more improper fractions are multiplied, it will always give another improper one; But, when a division is made, the result will depend on the number that it has as a dividend and as a divisor.

Thus, when the dividend is greater than the divisor it will be an improper fraction; but if the opposite happens, and the divisor is greater than the dividend; the fraction will be its own.

7 Examples of improper fractions:

  1. 4/3
  2. 7/3
  3. 6/4 = 3/2
  4. 93/44
  5. 100/99
  6. 77/10
  7. 74/54 = 37/27

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