Examples of Isolated Systems

We explain the examples of isolated systems. An isolated system is, according to thermodynamics, a set of elements delimited by a boundary, and that do not exchange matter or energy (work, heat) with their environment. This characteristic distinguishes them from closed systems, which can absorb heat or emit it to the environment. Isolated systems are actually an ideal theoretical concept , since in practice some energy always escapes. It is impossible to have an isolated system as is.

Isolated systems would have extensive practical application in the field of food refrigeration . However, freezers and refrigerators are closed systems, since the cold of the compressed gases can be introduced to absorb the heat of the products. In addition, they have doors that open to put food in. They are fully closed systems. In any case, an international bank safe would be the closest thing to an isolated system.

examples of isolated systemsIn those safes, the hermetic doors are opened and the money is introduced. The air from inside is then sucked in through a ventilation system, thus keeping the chamber in the most inert state possible. Another case that could hardly be considered an isolated system is a thermos , a container used to store hot or iced beverages and to keep their temperature as constant as possible. Regardless of whether it has a polyurethane coating, heat escapes from there.

10 examples of isolated systems

  1. A thermos, which has an internal polyurethane coating, usually.
  2. A diver inside a wetsuit, this type of wetsuit does not allow the exchange of energy between the water and the swimmer’s body.
  3. A closed refrigerator or freezer.
  4. A tortilla maker with a metallic internal cover and foam on the outside so that the heat does not escape.
  5. A styrofoam cooler.
  6. A person who wears a woolen coat.
  7. A furnace or muffle, lined with ceramic material so that the heat does not escape.
  8. A closed log cabin.
  9. A covered Styrofoam cup.
  10. The inside of an Igloo when it has already been closed.

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