Examples of Lever Types

A lever is defined as the machines that are used to move and that have the function of transmitting force , these are usually made with a rigid bar which allows it to rotate freely around the point called the fulcrum. There are three types of lever, the first , second and third type levers .

  • Levers of the first genre: This type of lever has the fulcrum located between the power and the resistance, usually the power is less than the resistance.
  • The second-class lever: In this type of lever, the resistance is located between the fulcrum and the power, for this reason, the power is less than the resistance. The power of this genre will always be less than the resistance.
  • The third-genre lever: In this genre the power is located between the fulcrum and the resistance. What makes it different from the other two genders is that its strength is greater than the resulting one.

20 Lever Types Examples

  1. The shovel
  2. The catapult
  3. Pliers
  4. Scissors
  5. When a nail is extracted with a hammer
  6. The oars when rowing a boat
  7. The walnut presser
  8. The wheelbarrow
  9. A bottle opener
  10. Broom
  11. The coleto
  12. The fishing rod
  13. The tweezers
  14. The hockey stick
  15. The pincer
  16. The eyebrow tweezers
  17. A clothes hanger
  18. He goes up come down
  19. He removes staples
  20. The nail coat

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