Examples of Media Plan

We explain that what are examples of Media Plan? media plan is defined as the set of strategies used to select the best media so that the message to be conveyed can be received by a large number of people.

The message is about publicizing a product, brand, ideology or goals with respect to a business. You must take into account both the product you want to make known and the type of customers who should receive the information.

10 Examples of Media Plan

    1. The media plan is used to publicize the brand of a product, its customers and promote a product.
    2. A mind map can be made to make the strategy and its process easier.
    3. Bar charts are also a good option to clarify ideas.
    4. It is best to do a detailed study of the media with the best connection.
    5. Another way to carry out a media plan is by weighting, which makes it easier to attract more audience.
    6. A good option is to use the Facebook strategy since through this strategy viral strategies can be made.
    7. The YouTube channel is one of the best ways to show any product online, thus having its own audio visual space.
    8. Through the monitoring and media technology by means of this monitoring allows the progress made by the campaigns.
    9. Each person has their way of advertising, they use different vocabularies, personality since scripts are not used in social networks. It is only said that what they are thinking or the function of the products is described directly.
    10. Mentioonmap is a tool used to see in real time what other people are talking about someone or a product.

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