Examples of Mobile Applications

We explain that what are the examples of mobile applications? Programs that are built to run on cell phones or tablets are called mobile applications .

Currently there are three types of mobile applications, in this post we will talk about them and give some examples to understand them properly. But, before going fully into the subject, it is important to present some concepts and make some clarifications.

The mobile applications are developed to run under one of the operating systems used by smart phones and electronic tablets, or any device that uses them , several of these systems among them are Android, Windows Phone, iOS MAC and Black Berry OS primarily .

In order to use mobile applications, it is necessary to connect to an Internet site to download them, each operating system has its own application registration site centralized, in this way it is ensured that the downloaded application is not harmful to the computer.

There are mobile applications of all kinds, Internet browsers, mobile banking systems, games, social networks and chats, among others.

Examples of mobile applications:

Facebook mobile is one of the most popular social networking programs, this application allows you to access Facebook from a Smartphone or tablet using either the service connection that the telephone provider offers, or connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

One of the most popular instant messaging applications is WhatsApp, this application is multiplatform, that is, it works on all mobile operating systems, it allows you to create groups and maintain contacts; It uses the Internet connection to send messages between two mobile devices, being a very low-cost alternative to be in contact with other people.

Skype for mobile is another of the widely used instant messaging applications.

TeamViewer for mobiles; This application allows you to connect with another device, whether mobile or not, and be able to see what is being done on it, even take a remote control from the other computer.

In the area of ​​games and entertainment, games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are very popular games on mobile phones, it is also possible to find games like FIFA that allow you to play either against the device, or play against another user who has a console or a mobile device with the game installed.


What are computer applications

There is a generic definition to explain what computer applications are, it says something like this:

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“Program or set of programs designed to carry out a specific task”

In other words, they are programs created for anyone to be able to manipulate all the functions of an operating system. That is, through an application the user does not need to perform a large and complex number of operations. This is because applications simplify and generalize the methodology for using operating systems.

What are mobile apps and how do they work?

As for what mobile apps are, it’s essentially the same definition that was given in the first section. The big difference is that these are created especially for mobile devices. In other words, they are exclusive to tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

How mobile applications work is quite simple, just download and install them on the device you want. Remembering that the artifact must be mobile, that is, some of those named above.

Types of mobile applications

Now, it is important to clarify that not all applications work on all devices.

Why don’t the apps work on all devices?

Because applications or Apps as they are commonly called, are conditioned at the time of being created.

What do you mean conditioned?

This means that in order for the user to access an application, they must meet some requirements. Like, for example, having a specific operating system.

Operating systems

From a mobile approach, when we refer to operating systems, we refer directly to:

  • Google Android
  •  Apple iOS
  • BlackBerry OS by BlackBerry
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Symbian OS born from an alliance between Sony Ericsson, Lenovo, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens and BenQ.
  • Harmony OS by Huawei

Each of these is produced by large companies, some are open source like Android, which means that it is very flexible and adaptable to any device. While there are others like iOS that is manufactured exclusively and only works on Apple brand devices.

After having all this scenario, the three types of mobile applications can be mentioned.

1. Native apps

These are those that are created for a specific operating system. They are found in virtual stores and are downloaded to devices.

Why they only work on some operating systems

Because as mentioned above, there are different operating systems, each of them has been created differently. Consequently, the apps are built around it. For example, an application for Android is developed with the language known as Java, while those for Windows Phone are in .Net.

How are they identified?

When looking for an application, it is necessary to observe its characteristics, by doing so you can identify which operating system it is compatible with.


Hyperlapse for Instagram, this application is exclusive for Apple phones, it is used to create videos with a time lapse effect.

2. Web app

Those that do not need to be downloaded and installed are known as web apps. They are developed to work online, so to be able to access them it is necessary to have an internet connection.

How they are obtained

Directly from the web page, normally only a shortcut to the application will be created.


The google office package is a good example, with this you can have access to text sheets, spreadsheets, among others. Gmail or eBay are also good examples.

3. Native or Hybrid web app

Native or hybrid web apps have characteristics of the previous two. On the one hand they can be downloaded but they also work on different operating systems.

The versatility of Native or Hybrid Web Apps

For example, native apps need to be downloaded, they are only obtained through virtual stores and their operation depends on the operating system. While web apps can only be accessed through the internet but they work on any device.

Hybrid applications, meanwhile, can be downloaded and are also capable of running on any device.


Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others.

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