Examples of Modified Games

We explain examples of modified games. The modified games are a type of games that are among “the traditional sports game” and “free game”.

In modified games, the technical factor is reduced and greater importance is given to tactical principles, to give greater emphasis to the development of the game itself, favoring greater participation of students who have less physical abilities and facilitating integration. of both sexes.

The modified games have original rules, but allow modifications on the fly, yet retain the essence of the standard sport.

By their nature, modified games do not belong to any sports institution, nor are they subject to any formalization or standardization.

Examples of modified games

  1. Blind soccer: Duration from 10 to 15 minutes, from 16 to 24 members divided into two teams, who will play in pairs, holding hands; one of the two, with his eyes covered. A football game is played with a rag ball. Goals can be scored only by a blindfolded player.
  2. Let’s form a bridge: Duration of 5 to 10 minutes, a circle is formed and a space is used to form a hole, you cannot talk, everything has to be done by signs. You should not step inside the circle and only clothing may be worn. Participants will figure out how to make a bridge class to catch the essence of life in a limited time. To get there you should only use clothing or something that you have on hand (without stepping inside the game), it is important to delimit the hole and if you take a step inside it you lose.
  3. Pintball: The participants use markers activated by compressed air, to shoot small balls filled with paint at other players, those hit by paintballs during the game are eliminated from it, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently depending on the modality .
  4. At first base: Two teams of three to eight players, one team is located within a playing field, with one pitcher. The other, off the field and at one end. The game consists of the pitcher throwing the ball to a batter, who strikes so that the ball bounces into the field. From that point on, the attackers try to get to the opposite end before the defenders return the ball to the pitcher, obtaining, in this case, a point for their team.
  5. Floorball: It is a team sport practiced on an indoor track, which is similar to hockey. The object of the game is to get a plastic ball into the opponent’s goal using a light stick. Both teams have five players and a goalkeeper on the court.
  6. Stand up: A number of participants sit down, link arms (all facing opposite directions) and try to get up.
  7. Counting: Players as a group attempt to count to 20 without two participants saying the same number twice.
  8. The Four Corners: Each corner is occupied by one player and a fifth is left out. He asks one of the players: -What is there in the house to rent? -To another place that is occupied. At that time the other players exchange their places quickly. If the player who stays occupies one of the empty spots, he keeps it and the player who doesn’t have a corner stays out.
  9. Cops and robbers: The police team tries to catch the members of the robbers team and put them in jail. Thieves can be saved by their peers if they are touched in jail. The game ends when all the robbers are in jail.
  10. Animal families: Folded papers on which an animal has been written or drawn are distributed to the public. The papers should not be opened until the signal is given. When the signal is given, the roles are unfolded and each one, imitating his animal, has to meet his peers.

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