Examples of Operating System

We explain that what are the examples of Operating System? In computing, the software in charge of managing the hardware and devices of a computer is known as the operating system (OS), allowing other types of software to function.

An operating system is responsible for performing the operations that allow the exchange of instructions between the processor and all peripheral devices.

This allows the application software, that is, the programs that are used by the end user such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases or payroll systems, to name a few, to use all the resources of the computer such as the central processing unit or CPU, RAM memory, hard drives, monitor, keyboard and mouse among others; performing administration operations and executing the requests of the application program to the devices in an orderly manner.

An  operating system  is built according to the processor in which it is going to be used and the applications that are going to run on it. So there are 3 main groups of operating systems:

1. Those for general use or applications

2. From Main Frame

3. Those of mobile applications.

4. Those for industrial or specific applications.

Examples of General Purpose Operating System

They are those OS that are used daily on PCs such as MD-DOS, Windows. OS MAC, Linux, UNIX.

Examples of Main Frame Operating System or large computers

They are those used in large computers such as non stop OS / 390, IBM AIX, HP MPE.

Examples of Operating System for mobile devices

These operating systems are used in cell phones and tablets, among them is Android, which is an operating system for mobile devices, it is based on Linux, so it is an open OS; iOS is Apple’s operating system for mobile devices like the iPhone; Black Berry It is the OS developed for Black Berry mobile phones, Windows Phone is an OS developed by Microsoft.

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