Examples of organic waste

Organic waste is all that waste that comes biologically or from some other organic chemical compound. Organic waste is biodegradable, that is, it can be decomposed into its basic elements by organisms and microorganisms such as scavengers, insects, bacteria, fungi and molds, returning nutrients to the soil, although this does not always mean that it is beneficial for the environment or place where it is has deposited organic waste, since some of the living things that eat it can carry viruses and diseases.

Some types of organic garbage are recyclable, such as paper, cardboard and wood, while others if properly treated can be used to generate fertilizers, livestock feed, fuel, etc … Organic garbage is the main type of garbage that a person produces, since a single adult person can generate up to 3 kilos a day of this type of garbage.

Examples of organic waste:

Examples of organic waste: Fruit and vegetable peels.

Examples of organic waste: Egg shells.

Examples of organic waste: Traces of meat and bones from animals such as chicken, beef, pork and fish.

Examples of organic waste: paper and cardboard waste such as boxes and newspapers.

Examples of organic waste: animal carcasses.

Examples of organic waste: Food scraps.

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