Examples of Plasma

Plasma is a state of matter in which atoms are ionized and have free electrons in a certain amount. A clear example of this state are the fluids found in the blood , it can also be said that it is a state similar to gaseous, although in this case the particles that make it up have an electrical particle. They also have a certain level of electromagnetic alteration, it must also be borne in mind that plasma is one of the states that are present in the greatest quantity on the entire planet.

The plasma has a number of features different objects in solid, liquid and gaseous state. They can be, for example, neutral gaseous clouds, they do not have a certain volume and are in turn governed by an electromagnetic field.

There is a discipline that focuses specifically on the study of this state and is called plasma physics which had its origin in the 19th century, one of those responsible for the study of electric discharges was Michael Faraday in England and his work was followed by Joseph John Thomson, William Crookes and also Sealy Edward Townsend.

20 Plasma Examples

  1. The fire
  2. The northern lights
  3. Polar auroras
  4. Solar wind
  5. The stars (including the sun)
  6. The inside of fluorescent tubes
  7. The interior of fusion reactors
  8. Plasma TVs
  9. Electric arc welding
  10. The matter ejected by the rockets
  11. Electric shocks used in industries
  12. Plasma balls
  13. Lightning in a storm
  14. Accretion discs
  15. Nebulae
  16. The Fire of San Telmo
  17. The ionosphere
  18. Interstellar medium
  19. Intergalactic medium
  20. The flow of electrons inside a particle accelerator

At present this discipline is very extensive and has evolved a lot, it has many applications in fields such as astrophysics and geophysics, it has an economic and industrial impact such as the engraving of electronic circuits and also in the purification of toxic substances.

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