Examples of potential energy

Potential energy

Potential energy is the ability of an object to perform work or action based solely on its position or composition. To a certain extent, it can be considered as the energy that a system stores. In this sense, potential energy can be classified in one of its three  forms of presentation:

  • Elastic potential energy: it is the energy that an object releases when it contracts to its original shape after being stretched or forced without the need for the body to break, similar to a rubber band or elastic band that releases stored energy in the stretching process .
  • Gravitational potential energy: The gravitational potential energy is that implicit in the movement of an object and its magnetic field, gravity is the best example of this, any object with enough mass to be affected by the gravitational field of the earth and release energy in the process of falling, an example of this would be a roller coaster which needs energy to be carried to the top but is released in the process of descending from the top.
  • Electrostatic potential energy : Electrostatic potential energy is that stored magnetically or electrically in an object such as a magnet or a boyle bottle, even an electric battery is an example of this thanks to the energy storage it contains within it.

Examples of potential energy

  1. A battery
  2. A balloon that releases the air it contains
  3. A roller coaster falling on its rails
  4. A book on a table stores the same energy that was necessary to put it on that table
  5. A bottle of boyle stores static energy
  6. The force of gravity of the earth
  7. Get off a trifle
  8. An arrow shot with a bow
  9. Wrecking ball
  10. Swing
  11. Pendulum
  12. A league
  13. A ball rolling down a slope
  14. Bungee rope
  15. Trampoline
  16. A slingshot
  17. A bucket of water on a door
  18. Springs
  19. A drawn bow and arrow
  20. Cherry fruit on a tree branch
  21. Rock or stone on a cliff
  22. Fireworks
  23. The foods we eat
  24. Batteries for toys
  25. Spring gun
  26. A fuel-powered car
  27. A magnet and a metal type object
  28. Two magnets together or linked by their positive poles
  29. A keg
  30. Sit on a sofa

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