Examples of Reservoirs

The deposits are geographical areas which are, naturally, large amounts of rocks, stones, fossils, minerals, and are usually exploited for such elements.

The archaeological sites keep ruins and vestiges that are of great value for the culture of today’s society. On the other hand, geological deposits have as their main value the resources they offer, since they are exploitable for their commercialization , as is the case of minerals and oil.

The sites do not cover a single science, but several, since depending on what they keep, there will be experts in different fields who are responsible for the study of these places, such as archaeologists in archaeological sites.

Something to keep in mind about these types of places is that they are never created by the hand of man, they are always discovered places, either by the intentional search for them or by some chance situation. In many cases the deposits are underground or hidden by other materials.

30 Examples of Reservoirs

  1. The deposit of the coast of Tamaulipas in Mexico.
  2. The Leptis Magna deposit in Libya.
  3. Gas fields in the Middle East.
  4. The archaeological park of Recópolis.
  5. The ruins of Sacsayhuamán in Cuzco.
  6. Machu Picchu the incredible Inca site is located in mountains of almost 2500 meters.
  7. Tikal, in Guatemala has more than 5000 buildings and is located in the middle of the jungle.
  8. Los Moáis in Chile has huge statues to venerate the gods.
  9. Teotihuacán in Mexico City one of the largest cities of antiquity.
  10. Atapuerca in Burgos, Spain.
  11. Altamira Cave in Cantabria, Spain.
  12. Antequera dolmens in Malaga, Spain.
  13. Los Millares in Almería, Spain.
  14. Las Cogotas in Avila, Spain.
  15. Son Fornés in Mallorca, Spain.
  16. Cancho Roano in Badajoz, Spain.
  17. Numancia in Soria, Spain.
  18. Empúries in Girona, Spain.
  19. Cabezo de Alcalá in Teruel, Spain.
  20. Segóbriga in Cuenca, Spain.
  21. Castro de Santa Tegra in Pontevedra, Spain.
  22. Cueva Pintada in Gran Canaria, Spain.
  23. Recópolis in Guadalajara, Spain.
  24. Medina Azahara in Córdoba, Spain.
  25. Gach Saran field in Iran-West Sole fields in North Sea.
  26. Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela.
  27. La Espina del Gallego, Cildá, Cantón and Campo de Las Cercas
  28. Río Turbio coal deposit.
  29. Cambrian sites of Murero.
  30. Archaeological site of Oreto and Zuqueca.

Classification of Reservoirs

The deposits are of great importance and we can say that there are several types and they are the following:

  • Dry gas field: hydrocarbons remain in the gaseous phase on the surface, that is, once the pressure decreases, the gas does not condense.
  • Wet gas field: in this the hydrocarbons remain in the gaseous phase, but once they are on the surface they fall into the biphasic region.
  • Condensed gas field: once the pressure decreases at temperature, we enter the retrograde condensation zone.
  • Black oil fields: here the temperature is much lower than the critical temperature.

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