Examples of Robotics

We explain that what are the examples of robotics? One of the newest technologies that are having a great boom due to the applications it has is robotics .

In robotics, several sciences and technologies converge such as computer science, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, computer science, artificial intelligence, industrial design and biotechnology, among others.

All these sciences and technologies come together to produce artifacts known as Robots; These machines are built and programmed to perform a particular job, repetitively and with high precision; Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer is one of the first to use the term robotics and defines it as the science that is responsible for the study of robots. It is he who establishes the three fundamental principles that every robot must comply with, which are:

  1. A Robot cannot harm a human being or allow it to suffer.
  2. A Robot must obey orders from a human being unless they break the first law.
  3. A Robot must protect itself as long as this protection does not break neither the first nor the second law.

There may be mechanical or computer robots.

Robot example

One of the main applications of robots is found in automobile assembly plants, where robotic arms are used to weld automobile parts.

In computing there are programs that are called robots that are used mainly to surf the Internet in search of new pages. These robots are used by search engines like google.

Pool cleaner robot, this robot is left in the pool and he is in charge of cleaning, it has a flotation system that allows it to submerge and vacuum the floor or float to clean the walls as it rises to the surface.

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