Examples of Solidification


It is a physical process in which matter goes from a liquid to a solid state This process occurs naturally and can also be caused;  This process takes place when the matter is subjected to compression or exposure to low temperatures, which causes the liquid state to become solid, also when an object dehydrates and therefore hardens undergoes the solidification process.

Solidification acts in an inverse way to fusion , this means that matter in a liquid state cools to a point where it solidifies. In the case of water, the so-called melting point is when it reaches a temperature of 0 ° C.

During this process the volume of the body is reduced except for the water that increases instead, the heat is suppressed which causes the particles of matter to lose movement, when they reach a uniform position the water loses its property of flow.

Examples of solidification

  1. The making of chocolate bars.
  2. Nucleation (formation of stable nuclei).
  3. Liquid glass to solid glass.
  4. Candle wax.
  5. Gold cast to jewels.
  6. Mud to brick.
  7. Water to ice
  8. Candy making
  9. Manufacture of sausages
  10. Formation of igneous rocks from volcanic lava
  11. Jelly
  12. Cake making
  13. Boiled or boiled eggs
  14. Freezing food. Water molecules freeze and solidify them.
  15. When cement is mixed with other elements such as earth and water, when it dries, it solidifies.
  16. Margarine or butter.
  17. Ice creams
  18. Drying hair gelatin solidifies
  19. Hair spray.
  20. The dough or bread mixture as it goes through the baking process solidifies.

In the case of metals , when they are in a liquid state, the heat is removed which causes them to solidify, that is, they return to their original state but manipulated and with a new shape that goes according to the molds in the that have been placed.

One of the most common and simple examples of solidification to demonstrate is placing water in the freezer, after a period of time the low temperature causes the water in a used container to harden until it takes the shape of said used mold, this usually happens also with honey, gelatin and even clay which is used to make sculptures.

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