Examples of Stereotypes

We explain that what are examples of stereotypes? Stereotypes are generally erroneous ideas, images or preconceptions, which are adopted about groups of people, generally taking some common traits to said group, but in a simplistic way and exaggerating some traits to such a degree that they become grotesque. , so stereotypes are often used in a derogatory and even outright insulting way, although this is not the case in all cases, as there are stereotyped ideas that can help us, thanks to the fact that through them we obtain minimal information regarding a group in particular, which can be useful when we find ourselves in contact with someone belonging to such a group.

These ideas are instilled in us from a young age by the sociocultural environment in which we grow up, and that is why many stereotypes tend to be deeply ingrained in us, being able to influence the decisions we make, either in a positive or negative way.

The stereotypes are often reinforced by means continuouslysuch as television programs, films, magazines and advertising, with which they consciously and unconsciously influence our way of thinking, since they highlight certain characteristics of the groups or in certain cases, they highlight idealistic and exaggerated characteristics and in many cases grotesque, as in the cases of certain stereotypes of “beauty” (which are unnatural in relation to what the human body is), being that these stereotypes of “beauty” influence people, who seek to achieve these standards, in many cases through pathological behaviors such as anorexia, bulimia, vigorexia, as well as excessive diets and surgical interventions to achieve that stereotype of idealized beauty.

Stereotypes do not necessarily have to be massive, since if a small group of people think in the same way and adopt this criterion, for example: about the way they dress, this will be the stereotype they have.

The stereotypes can be cultural, social, racial, gender type, class, sex, age, trendy, or religion, to name a few and apply to all persons entering into that category.

Examples of stereotypes

1. Gender on women: housewife, mother, always beautiful, patient, delicate, dependent, sensitive, sexual object, frivolous, tender, submissive.

2. Gender on man: hard-working, intelligent, strong, does not cry, brave, head of the family, provider, likes risks, aggressive.

3. Gender about children: naughty, they wear blue, they play with balls and cars, they have a lot of energy, they are rebellious and irresponsible.

4. Gender about girls: neat, cute, wear pink, play with dolls, are obedient, help with housework.

5. Old over the old: they are classified as useless, sickly, dependent, and unproductive.

6. Racial: they are based on ethnic and cultural differences, considering inferior people of different color, place of origin or culture, classifying them, for example, as terrorists, criminals, or fools.

7. Social class: they generalize the poor with ignorance and delinquency, the rich with pride and arrogance, single mothers with light behavior.

8. Physique: many think that blond people are more beautiful, or that they only belong to high social classes.

9. Physical: chubby people are stereotyped as nice, greedy or careless of their person.

10. Politics: it is classified as that all politicians are corrupt or thieves.

11 Color: The color blue must be exclusively to dress children.

12. Color: the color pink is the favorite of girls and therefore they are generally dressed and adorned with objects of this color.

13. Ethnic: Asian people have slanted and dark eyes, it is a generalized idea because this is the case in most cases, but it is ignored that thousands of Asians may have slanted eyes but with blue or green irises ( of natural form).

14. Social: Blond women are the most beautiful, it is a stereotype that has been implanted in a certain way, thanks to television broadcasting, fashion magazines and movies.

15. Cultural: All Arab women wear a veil, it is a very common stereotype, mainly thanks to the fact that in some countries religious extremism has introduced customs such as the use of the burqa and the mandatory veil for women, being the popular belief that it is so among all Arabs.

16. Cultural: All Mexicans wear a hat, charro pants and serape.

17. Cultural: The Chinese are dientones, they dress in clothes with long sleeves and wear a long braid.

18. Cultural: The French wear striped shirts and berets while smoking.

19. Ethnic: All those with slanted eyes are Chinese, it is a cultural stereotype in which it is mistakenly believed that all people (for example, Japanese, Koreans or Vietnamese), are Chinese, because they have common features such as slanted eyes or certain coloration similar skin.

20. Teachers are boring.

21. All Africans are black.

22. All Mexicans are mustaches.

23. All Jews are usurers.

24. The girls play food and dolls. It is common for many girls to like games that were once exclusively for boys, such as playing with toy soldiers, racing cars or certain (violent) video games.

25. Men don’t clean the kitchen.

26. Men don’t wash dishes.

27. Men do not take care of young children.

28. All Germans are Nazis (this particular stereotype has been created by both the movies and many television shows).

29. All Arabs are Muslims. (It is a stereotype that has spread, thanks to the mistaken belief that all Arabs belong to that religion.)

30. All the rich are greedy.

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