Examples of Toughness

Toughness is a physical property of all matter and consists of applying resistance to the possibility of breaking or deforming. It is in this sense the property of standing firm before a goal. In this sense, we can say that this term also applies to people as a quality and virtue.

From the physical point of view

In the field of physics, toughness is influenced by the composition of matter or its molecular structure. Every target can suffer three types of energy which are:

    • traction
    • comprehension
    • the bending

From the human point of view

On the other hand, regarding the human being and his virtues , tenacity is a set of actions that make the person maintain firmness, strength, conviction and perseverance to meet a goal. It is also defined as resistance to adverse situations , even when there are failures on the way to achieve what you want, a tenacious person maintains the same passion and confidence in himself until he achieves his goal. This quality is linked to strength of spirit and also intelligence.

Tenacity is a quality that is not only attributed to people, but also to animals and in that sense it can be said that an animal is tenacious, for example, when it moves from one side to another, at high speeds and even constantly and patience to hunt their prey.

Examples of toughness

  1. The ability of a mountaineer man to reach the top of a mountain.
  2. A student who studies non-stop to get into the University.
  3. Akio Morita of Japanese origin, created a rice cooker to be a millionaire but failed, recovered and founded the multinational SONY.
  4. Walt Disney, who in the beginning was fired because “he had no imagination and lacked good ideas”, created several companies that went bankrupt but finally founded the current Disney.
  5. The Beatles, who in the beginning were rejected by a label claiming that “they don’t have a good sound, their guitar will never be liked by the public”, they continued and the rest is history.
  6. Queen at the time of launching their bohemian rhapsody theme  many disagreed and stated that this theme was not going to be important. It is currently known as one of the songs that has been heard the most in the world since it was released.
  7. A student struggling to get the best grades in school
  8. A person who strives to be first in his work and respond to his work
  9. An athlete’s ability to finish the race and finish first
  10. The ability to produce quality products in order to become the first

Examples of physical toughness

  1. copper
  2. iron
  3. limestone
  4. granite
  5. reinforced concrete

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