Examples of Traditional Games

We explain the examples of traditional games. We call traditional games to children’s games that do not need toys with complex technology , that is, they are games that are carried out using relatively simple objects and toys, or through the use of the body itself and available resources such as courtyards, gardens, branches, leaves, stones, buttons, seeds, common utensils such as clothes, shoes, etc. as well as those in which the use of “traditional” toys such as dolls and dolls (made of rag, wood, or other materials), kites (kites), balls, dice, whirligigs, marbles, toy soldiers, strollers, yo-yos. , lotteries, snakes and ladders, the goose and more.

Many of these games are important during the first years of infants , both because they allow them a better social and emotional development, regarding their development with other children, as well as because they help them develop motor skills, especially those games. in which exercises such as running, jumping, bending and performing similar movements are involved.

Although currently there is a wide range of sophisticated and technologically advanced games, such as computer games, mechanical and electronic toys, as well as virtual ones among others. Many children prefer to entertain themselves with traditional games that are taught to them by their elders (parents, grandparents, schoolmates or siblings), being that in this way ancestral traditions prevail, as in the case of many traditional games of peoples around the world, that have lasted from generation to generation despite the changes that occur over time. So this type of game, in addition to being a good and healthy form of entertainment, is part of the cultural heritage of the peoples .

Traditional games are used by infants either at home, at school, parks and even on the streets, depending on both the particular game and the conditions (weather, use of a particular object such as “lotteries”, etc.).

It is important to point out that several of these games are known in different places with different names , and that many of these games tend to vary in terms of rules and uses, both depending on the region, and due to the same changes that infants usually make to the run them.

Examples of traditional games

1. Boat kicked.

2. Marbles

3. Sack races

4. Show jumping

5. One foot jumping races

6. Wheelbarrow

7. Coleadas

8. Dress up

9. Play mom

10. The Plane.

11. Push the ring

12. Delighted

13. Hideout or hideouts

14. Cat or tic-tac-toe

15. Make races or little races

16. Pull the rope

17. Whirligig set

18. Play food

19. Play doctor

20. We will play in the forest.

21. Blind Chicken

22. The lottery

23. The goose

24. The scab

25. The Rope and the Chicken

26. Hot handyman

27. Kite or kite

28. Kick the ball.

29. Rock paper or scissors

30. Put the tail on the donkey

31. Hopscotch

32. Spring.

33. King or servant

34. Jump rope or jump rope

35. Snakes and ladders

36. Tables

37. Timbiriche

38. Touched or burned with a ball (I brilé)

39. Top

40. You bring them.

41. Vanquished, pulsing or doing “little forces”.

42. Yoyo

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