Examples of Translucent Objects

The translucent objects are things or objects that are composed of materials which can pass through the light. Although, the images on the other side of the material are not clearly visible.

Characteristics of Translucent Objects

  • Dull or milky appearances, they can present opaque appearances when focused on the light. For example the amber bottles.
  • They create bright shadows, it is important to know that translucent objects do not leave solid shadows.
  • They have different indexes of modification, they have different components or parts of refraction.

How is it different from transparent objects?

You may have related transparency to translucency, but in terms of features, they are two completely different things. As mentioned above, on a translucent object the image on the other side cannot be seen clearly, while transparent objects have an image on the other side visible. That is why it is very easy to identify one from the other.

15 Examples of Translucent Objects

  1. Stained glass, is a type of decorative films.
  2. Butter paper.
  3. Frosted glass.
  4. Frosted glass.
  5. Muslin (gauze-like material).
  6. Fine fabrics or nylon.
  7. Colored liquids.
  8. Tracing paper.
  9. Clouds.
  10. Onion paper’.
  11. Oil.
  12. Diamonds
  13. Ice.
  14. Balloons
  15. Thin plastics.
  16. Milk.
  17. Skin and nails.
  18. Sunglasses.
  19. Sun screens.

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