Examples of Xenobiotics

The  xenobiotics are chemicals that are within the body that were not created naturally. These substances should not be in the body , but they have been added due to the consumption of some products that are full of synthetic compounds.

The synthetic compounds are present in many areas, for example in the field of medicine (medicines and drugs), in industry, in the food and may even be used as toxic agents as pesticides to combat pests in fields of crop .

the  xenobiotics have certain characteristics such as degradation by exposure to environmental factors such as oxidation or sunlight, although depending on the compound may have a capacity of fairly extensive duration.

It is precisely this ability to withstand changing environments that can have a negative impact, due to the fact that they do not biodegrade. Some xenobiotics can be polluting to the environment .

30 Examples of Xenobiotics

  1. Detergents.
  2. Insecticides
  3. Glues
  4. Pesticides and herbicides.
  5. Aldrin.
  6. Chlordane
  7. Propazine.
  8. Industries
  9. Disinfectants
  10. Paints
  11. Tobacco
  12. Cosmetics
  13. Modern materials
  14. Plastics
  15. Dioxins
  16. Hair dye
  17. Medicines
  18. Nuclear Products
  19. Cyclophosphamide
  20. Antineoplastic
  21. Anticonvulsant
  22. Plasticizer
  23. Lead
  24. Mercury
  25. Organophosphate pesticide
  26. Carbamate
  27. Solvents
  28. Perfumes
  29. Body creams
  30. Food Additives

Xenobiotics in some foods

There are xenobiotics that even though we do not know it are closer to us than we might think, this is the case of certain foods for veterinary purposes, in some cases they can contaminate certain products that are very vulnerable to this type of compounds such as milk.

This has led to the passing of laws in some countries that regulate the distribution of products that include these compounds, in fact these regulations are applied from the initial stages in which said compounds are started to be produced.

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