Fish Aquarium Accessories And Fish Tank Decorations Ideas

We express the fish aquarium accessories. These are some of the fish tank accessories that you will need for maintenance. Algae scraper. Use these accessories to remove algae from the glass of the fish tank. Some are like small scrubbing sponges that can be installed on long handles. Another type is like a plastic paddle on a stick. You can adapt to such a scraping sheet, but do not damage the silicone sealant as this could cause unpleasant leaks. The most ingenious type consists of two magnets that stick together through the glass so that by pulling on the one on the outside, the one on the inside removes the algae.

Fish Aquarium Accessories

Pipe . You need a large diameter plastic tube (for example 1.25 cm / 0.5in) wide with a siphon to get the water out of the tank.

Gravel cleaner . This device connects at the end of the pipe with the siphon and excavates the fish tank gravel. As the dirt comes out, the gravel falls back into the bottom of the fish tank, so only the dirt is removed. Some gravel cleaners have a pump action that starts the siphon flow. This is a good accessory for cleaning gravel from fish tanks.

Fish net . It would be advisable that you buy not one but two networks from the beginning. Try to choose a smooth net and one that is slightly larger than half the width of the fish bowl.

Magnetic glass cleaners are useful in deeper fish tanks where access to algae areas is generally difficult. By moving the magnetic block from the outside, drag the one on the other side of the glass and a plastic brush brings any algae that are found to the surface.

Luminous accessories . You must provide a sufficient and adequate amount of light in the fish tank because it helps fish overcome stress and stay strong and healthy. It is your duty to give them a proper light cycle so they can feel at home. You have to put 12 hours of light during the day and adequate lighting for 12 more hours at night so that they can feel good.

Light fixtures can be set with a day-night timer that sets the mood for the fish tank by providing light during the day and night. There is a fish tank light timer that also helps release tension during the day and night. There is another fluorescent lighting fixture that is available in different colors on the market and that are priced low. This accessory, as the name implies, is fluorescent but more compact, stronger, more durable and brighter than the others and consumes less energy. Lighting timers and plugs are some other lighting accessories used in the fish tank.

Fish tank cover . A fish tank cover prevents fish from jumping out so that they will remain safe in addition to preventing evaporation and less water.

Awning for fish tanks . The awnings for fish tanks are the same as the covers but they are a little better since they help to better control the evaporation of the water. Its appearance is very fine, bright and strong. Finding out about fish tank accessories is very important if you want to keep your fish healthy.

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