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We are one more year at the gates of a new course. This year 2016 we want to give you a very special gift to commemorate our 30th anniversary: ​​A Dossier of study techniques with tricks and resources so that the school year that begins is 100% profitable .

And it is that we have already fulfilled 30 years at the service of students, and in this time we have been able to verify how those students with practical knowledge in study techniques surpassed with greater ease any subject they decided to cover.

This free course is designed so that you can read and apply it in a short time and will reveal to you in a simple and effective way how applying small steps can definitively change your study experience . You can save it on your tablet or mobile to always have it at hand, since its format has been taken care of down to the last detail to offer simple concepts that you can easily apply in your daily life and will improve your studies.

With it you will be able to learn things as useful as making structured and effective notes, achieving the necessary concentration to prevent you from getting scattered and ruining your desire to study, getting the motivation you always wanted to be able to learn anything, tricks for reading and memorizing! and much more!

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