What are the function keys on the keyboard

The function keys are buttons that are usually located at the top of the keyboard, and are usually named F1, F2…, F11, F12 and even F15 on Macintosh PCs.

The function of each of these keys is determined by the operating system or application that is running; this means that they will react differently depending on the context in which they are pressed.

For example, in Windows, F1 usually refers to the Help function of the operating system or the active program. The F3 key usually refers to search, etc.

Here is what the main function keys are for:

  • F1 Program help
  • F2 Renames the selected file, shortcut or folder.
  • F3 Start a search in the directory where you are.
  • F4 Displays the Go to a different folder menu from a folder’s toolbar
  • F5 Updates the content of the selected window. Very useful for locating ghost files.
  • ALT + F4 Close the active application, if you are on the desktop and there are no open windows, close Windows95
  • CTRL + ESC From any application it shows us the start menu and the taskbar.
  • CTRL + X Cuts the current selection and sends it to the clipboard. Icons and files are shaded until they are pasted again.
  • CTRL + C Copies the current selection to the clipboard
  • CTRL + V Paste the content to the clipboard
  • ALT + TAB Shows open applications in a bar. Holding ALT and pressing TAB repeatedly switches between applications.

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