Graphic Design Course

Learn Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop at a professional level accompanied by experts in the area. At the end you will obtain the CIPSA Certification.

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Main benefits of the
Graphic Design Course


The course can be developed face-to-face at the Barcelona Headquarters- You can also opt for the online modality.


The face-to-face classes of the Graphic Design Course take place in Barcelona (Comte d’Urgell, 100).


The doors are open from Monday to Saturday


At the end of the course you will obtain the CIPSA Certification.


CIPSA students can carry out internship agreements with companies.


The center has significant discounts and agreements for subsidized training. 

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10 good reasons to do a graphic design course Barcelona

You can also take the full stack Web Development Course online from wherever you want, if you prefer.

1- Graphic Design allows you to develop your Creativity but at the same time it is also a commercial activity closely related to marketing. So even working in the field of art you do not give up the real possibility of earning money .

2- Your health will benefit! It is proven that doing a fun activity reduces stress and if you reduce stress in your life everything will be better for you. Also concentrating on a design clears your mind and relaxes you.

3- Barcelona is the capital of design . And there is a huge and constantly growing market that needs Professionals for advertising and web pages, for example.

4- Taking a graphic design course in Barcelona increases your potential to find a job and shows your potential employers that you are a professional capable of investing in your training.

5- You do not have to be of a certain age to start studying a graphic design course in Barcelona. It does not matter if you are not yet of legal age or you are in your forties… Creativity has no limits !

6- Studying art promotes creativity in all aspects. As soon as you start your Graphic Design Course Barcelona you will inevitably begin to see life from another perspective in which you will be able to  find imaginative solutions to all kinds of problems. And you’ll start wondering strange things, like if a solar eclipse is God playing with layers in Photoshop.

7- You will learn concepts that you would hardly learn without doing a Graphic Design Course Barcelona. For example, colors convey emotional messages to people and you can use them to indirectly benefit from these messages in your advertising work.

8- Taking a graphic design course in Barcelona will allow you to work as a freelance . And working as a freelancer on a rainy day calmly from home and without enduring traffic jams or nerves is priceless.

9- If you fear boredom this is your course . Graphic design is never static, it is always in constant movement –like fashions- and therefore it will keep your interest intact from the first day.

10- You will meet other people who have your own artistic interests. You never know with which talented students you will be able to meet and share experiences. Taking a graphic design course in Barcelona is always a good experience !

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