Greenhouse effect: causes, consequences and solutions

The greenhouse effect is a natural characteristic of the atmosphere of our planet and, therefore, is part of the natural functioning that allows life to exist. However, when this effect is strengthened and is higher than what would occur naturally, there is no longer a natural greenhouse effect and becomes negative, mainly caused by increased human activity. Among the causes of the negative greenhouse effect is the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases that come from our energy systems. Basically, the increased use of fossil fuels and their derivatives, gas and coal, causes the emission of these gases that increase this problem. causes of greenhouse effect

Among the consequences of this phenomenon we find the increase in temperature and the loss of species. Luckily, there are steps we can take as a solution to this problem.

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What is the greenhouse effect – natural and negative

When talking about the greenhouse effect, we must differentiate the natural process from the negative or human-created process.

Greenhouse effect: how is the natural process

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere. This process begins when solar energy reaches the surface of the Earth, passing through the atmosphere, and heats both the ground, or geosphere, and the water surface, or hydrosphere. Later, the heat emitted by the surface of the planet rises and the gases present in the atmosphere are in charge of retaining a part of this energy in the form of heat, and the rest passes through the atmosphere, returning to space. In this way, there may be life on the planet as we know it, since optimal temperatures are maintained, among other conditions. causes of greenhouse effect

However, for several years now, the impact of human activity on the planet has affected this process, turning it into something negative.

Negative greenhouse effect

This natural process becomes harmful to the planet and, therefore, to all life on it, due to polluting human activity , which in recent centuries has increased exponentially and, specifically, in recent decades. it has done so much that it has reached the point of forming the negative greenhouse effect. causes of greenhouse effect

Thus, with our daily activities, such as manufacturing, driving, using sprays or practicing intensive and industrial livestock, we pollute the environment by filling it with greenhouse gases . These rise to the atmosphere and are retained, preventing the heat that rises from the surface from being correctly expelled by the atmosphere and being retained, exactly what happens in a plant greenhouse, producing an acceleration of the increase in temperature in the planet. causes of greenhouse effect effects of greenhouse effect

As we have commented, the causes of the negative greenhouse effect are those derived from the increase in polluting human activity, which produces the gases that are retained in the atmosphere and which help to increase the temperature. In general, the main causes of this ozone layer problem are the following:

  • Industrial factories.
  • Intensive livestock. causes of greenhouse effect
  • Use of sprays.
  • Bad recycling and reuse of materials.
  • Use of fossil fuels and little use of renewable energies.
  • Excessive consumption of electricity that does not come from renewable energy.
  • Abusive use of polluting means of transport, such as cars, buses, motorcycles and airplanes, which use derivatives of fossil fuels.
  • Deforestation .

All these human actions lead to an increase in harmful gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

What are greenhouse gases

The main greenhouse gases that have the capacity to retain heat are the following:

  • Water steam.
  • Methane (CH4).
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC).
  • Ozone (O3). causes of greenhouse effect
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O). cause of greenhouse effect

The effects of this problem on the ozone layer end up producing serious consciences throughout the planet. It is necessary to be aware and make others aware, especially through the education of children, of the effects and awareness of the greenhouse effect and its severity for life, both human and other animal and plant species. These are the results of this atmospheric problem:

  • Considerable increase in the temperature of the planet.
  • Increased impact of solar radiation.
  • Climate change . causes of greenhouse effect consequences of greenhouse effect
  • Ecosystem damage due to climatic and environmental changes.
  • Drought increases in areas that are usually rainy. . solutions of greenhouse effect
  • More rains and storms in areas that are usually not very humid and rainy.
  • Erosion of the soil and loss of its fertility to cultivate. cause of greenhouse effect
  • Melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers, such as the famous thaw in Gorenland .
  • Rise in the water level in oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc.
  • Flooding of coastal areas due to rising water levels. . solutions of greenhouse effect cause of greenhouse effect
  • Serious damage to plant and animal species due to changes in the planet’s environmental conditions.
  • Migration of animals and the human population. causes of greenhouse effect effects of greenhouse effect consequences of greenhouse effect
Greenhouse effect solutions

Finally, we are going to comment on what solutions there are for the greenhouse effect , since it is necessary to do everything possible to stop its increase and reduce the levels of harmful gases. Thus, as measures to reduce the greenhouse effect and avoid its increase and severity, we can follow these tips: causes of greenhouse effect consequences of greenhouse effect

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions , such as CO2 and CH4.
  • Use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, their derivatives, gas and coal.
  • Use more public transport and other non-polluting means of transport, such as bicycles or other ecological vehicles. solutions of greenhouse effect
  • Promote ecological awareness among citizens and, above all, instill this knowledge in children and teach them what they can do to improve this problem. cause of greenhouse effect
  • Reduce the consumption of meat and, therefore, the use of intensive and industrial livestock , preferring transhumant livestock and others that are more respectful with the environment.
  • That governments get involved in taking measures to reduce this problem and prevent an increase in the greenhouse effect and climate change. An example of these measures is the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Continue with the investigation of possible improvements regarding environmental problems.
  • Recycle and do it correctly. In this recycling guide we explain how to recycle garbage at home .
  • Do not waste energy, such as electricity at home. causes of greenhouse effect consequences of greenhouse effect  
  • Consume organic products.

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