What is the Difference Between Hard Copy and Soft Copy

Difference between hardcopy and softcopy: Hardcopy vs softcopy: Computer documents are available in two formats: hard copy and soft copy. A hard copy is a hard copy that is the actual physical form of the document, usually printed on paper. A soft copy is an electronic copy of the document that is still on your computer.

Difference between hardcopy and softcopy: The differences between hard copy and soft copy are listed below:



Hardcopy vs softcopy:

Soft Copy Hard Copy
electronic document printed document
They take up less physical space take up more physical space
Document root or base The hard copy is printed from the soft copy
Used to make PowerPoint-like visual presentations Used for print presentations, notebook or brochure
They are stored on any electronic device such as usb, cd, hard drive, etc. Printed documents are stored in archives or physical warehouses
An opening or modifying password can be placed Security requires placing a security lock on the physical file
They are easier to change, just modify the source document. cannot be modified
They can be destroyed by viruses or accidentally deleted They can be destroyed by natural disasters or personal carelessness.
Can be attached to an email and sent over the Internet A copy can be sent by fax or regular mail

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